And from the Hollywood Prophet Chris Rock: Obama Like ‘Dad of the Country. And When Your Dad Says Something, You Listen’

Back in my single days I used to love a lot of Hollywood movies like Forrest Gump, Liar. Liar, etc., until I heard the actor’s views of how the people that they made those made movies for are too stupid to live their lives by themselves, without nanny-control and government sitting on their shoulders, 24/7.

So Goodbye Tom Hanks, Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx and all you others who mock and scorn real people for having to work for a living rather than making a lifetime’s worth of money for one endeavor. I will never forget the laughs you provided then, or the sad residue of what you now leave behind. Communism and race division will suit you well in the years to come…

As for Obama being my Father.  No Comparison here:

1)  My Father never lied to me.

2)  My Father didn’t kill people with drones w/o trial.

3)  My Father was not a racist.

4)  My Father loved America.

5)  My Father bowed down to God, not the Saudi King.

6)  My Father was married to a wonderful lady.

7)  My Father paid taxes.  Obama raises taxes.

8)  My Father served me all his life with sacrificial love.  We all serve Obama.

9) My Father loved children. Obama loves partial birth abortion.

10)  My Father was born in Illinois that is America.

Please don’t insult me or my late Father by saying that our President is a “father” to us!  Under the Constitution, the President is our federal executive, nothing more.  He works for us.



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