Hey Chris Rock, guess what?? “Dad” was AWOL the night four Americans were killed in Benghazi…

Kind of typical for the Anoited one in Chief..

The Blaze

1fE94wMore news the media will ignore – apparently Barack Obama had little to no interest in getting updates throughout the night of Sept 11, 2012 during the attack on Benghazi. Leon Panetta gave some pretty startling testimony today, admitting the President was basically ‘not there’ and not involved while a U.S. ambassador was under attack by terrorists.

“Yesterday Panetta testified that the president of the United States was completely unengaged with Benghazi. Now, this, there is something seriously, seriously wrong here because if you remember right, first they said they were getting realtime reports and then Hillary Clinton says, nope, there was no realtime anything,” Glenn said. “ Then they released all of the pictures, if you remember, of the president standing in the Oval Office and they tried to make him look engaged. And it was, this is where he was, this is what he was doing on that night. And then yesterday Panetta testifies that the president had a briefing at 5:00, they went to the Oval on a regular meeting. It wasn’t even ‑‑ they didn’t even call him. They were just like, we’ll wait, we’ll talk to the president here in a little while. And the president got the briefing.”

“Now think of this: The embassy is under attack, an ambassador is ‑‑ his life is being threatened, the ambassador has called for help for days. It’s in the most dangerous hot spot in the world at the time. He’s under attack. They tell everybody to stand down. The president gets a briefing where they tell him that the embassy is surrounded and they’ve got rocket fire. They’ve got, you know, gunfire, rocket fire, everything is ‑‑ it’s all on fire, and what does the president say? ‘Well, you guys ‑‑ you guys, you know, do what you ‑‑ do what you have to do and I’ll get back to you.’”

But Obama wasn’t the only one absent that day. Panetta testified that during the attacks he had no communication with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton until the next day.

He was under Michele’s curfew, give him a break. Hillary; run that ad again. Wait a minute, where was Hillary when the phone rang? Where were the Joint Chief of Staff?  Knock, knock, anyone home?

No wonder Hillary tried to cover up her lack of responsibility and accountability by arrogantly claiming “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Now we know, that when emergency or 911 calls, Hillary as well as Emperor Obama cannot be bothered to answer that call. No wonder she did not like going to Sunday talk shows, afraid that people may find out hers and Obama’s dereliction of duties and responsibilities.


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