OMG Marco Rubio had a drink of water during his speech!!!!!

Nervousness comes from having a heart and loving your country and believing in all that your country is capable of.  No heart and no feeling results in no feelings and that person spoke just before Rubio.  Rubio may have gotten nervous trying to remember all 57 states that are in Obamas world.

When you are a republican or a conservative, you have to meet a lot of standards and pretty much walk on water and have lots of experience and be qualified for the position.  A liberal only has to hate America and all that it stands for and be willing to cater to all the misfits and do nothings and show up.  Oh and being able to read a speech that was written by someone else and be the only person that knows there are 57 states.

Grow up libs you are desperate, you have an aneurysm if a conservative has a drink of water and will gladly look the other way if President Obama were sacrificing puppies to a pagan altar on the East Lawn of the White House.

That of course would be the Obamas having a barbecue…



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