An Open Letter to Reince Prebius and Republican National Committee:

Having watched the GOP go down in flames the last two elections I would like to advise on some things you might want or not want to do in the 2016 Presidential Elections:

1) No Good Guys or Gentlemen.  John McCain and Mitt Romney are good men but someone told them not to come out with Fangs ready to tear the enemy apart.  In 2016, I want a testicle breaker.  Someone that will rip the Donkey’s nominee to shreds with all bones broken.

2) Don’t agree on having all four Presidential debates with Liberal Moderators.  Come on, what went on here GOP?  Did someone in the JackAss Party have something on you;  Smoking a bong in High School back in the ’70s?  Wearing a Carter-Mondale ’80 Button??  Let the libs pick their limpwristed moderators and the GOP can pick a Sean Hannity or Bill Whittle…

3)  No more Bushes.  George H.W. and George W. were enough.  Again good men but could not bring  spending down.  Tell Jeb if he stays out there will be an Ambassadorship in Zambia waiting for him.

4)  Whomever the nominee is they should do two three things:

   a) Go into a Bluer then Blue neighborhood in Chicago, Detroit or Philadelphia take security with them if needed and give the stump speech.  Shake hands and leave.  Of course you won’t win the district but you may change some hearts and convince them that 50+ years of Democratic suppression has gotten them nowhere but dependent.

   b)  Go on Bill O’Reilly’s show.  TWICE.  Once before the debates and once after.  He has a big audience.  He will be tough but fair and possibly you will get some conservatives who haven’t voted since Eisenhower off their collective asses to the voting booth.

c)  Go on Laura Ingraham, Mark Stein, Dennis Prager and every national conservative radio news/talk program out there.  They and we want to hear from the Nominee.

5)  POUND, POUND, POUND how Obama and the Democrats have destroyed this nation in the 8 years he was emperor.  High unemployment, High deficits, downgrades, Solyndra, Benhgazi  ALL OF IT!!!  Don’t afraid of being called racist!!!  That is the moron Libs strategy.

6)  Embrace the Tea Party!!!!   We aren’t your enemy.  We want the same thing you do.  WE are men and women who love their country whom do not want it flushed down the toilet.  Tell Karl Rove and his gang of limpwristed RINOs to shove it..

Hopefully 2016 will be the year that the GOP takes back the White House and KEEPS IT for the rest of my life.



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