The Ten Most Miserable Cities to live in America

The Ten most Miserable Cities: from Forbes:

 1. Detroit, MI

2. Flint, MI

3. Rockford, IL

4. Chicago, IL

5. Modesto, CA

6. Vallejo, CA

7. Warren, MI

8. Stockton, CA

9. Lake County, IL

10. New York, NY


From Forbes about The Ten Best Cities in America for economic, living and JOBS ….as well:

1. Austin Texas

2. Houston

3. Salt Lake City

4. Ft. Worth

5. San Jose

6. Dallas

7. Raleigh

8. Pittsburgh

9. Nashville

10. Oklahoma City

Difference: The Top Ten most miserable Cities have been historically governed by Liberal Democrat elect mayors and city councils, while the Top Ten Best Cities are governed by GOP or libertarian and conservative elect Mayors and city council. Source Forbes.

Why do we continue to follow a leader whom seems to want to become Detroit and walk as far away as possible from Austin, TX?

Dear Leader and the Marxists have changed the paradigm. Freedom is now slavery, self-sufficiency is now selfishness. You should be grateful and thank Dear Leader and the Marxists for showing us the way (to our own destruction).

Detroit for all practical purposes looks just like Afghanistan and thanks to Unions’ greed the Unions have become the Taliban.

If only they had implemented MORE socialist/liberal policies they would be THRIVING! The problem is LACK of socialism/liberalism, NOT too much! It was those evil conservative Republicans that prevented Detroit from reaching the socialist utopia.





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