Sean Hannity tries to get a straight answer from an Obama Automaton

Sean Hannity conducted an interview with Congressman Rep. Gregory Meeks, Dimwit-N.Y and Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas regarding the topic “Does Washington have a debt problem or a spending problem?”

A number of times during the interview Hannity tries to get a straight answer to the question “Is there a spending problem?’  The Congressman diverts into the usual Obama Administration talking points It’s Bush’s fault we are still paying down two wars and it was the debt that Bush 43 created.  The transcript is from the last two minutes of the interview.  Sean Hannity must have asked the same question at least five times beforehand with Congressman Meeks.

Fox News

HANNITY: We’re spending, Congressman, a trillion more dollars a year than we take in. Is there a spending problem? What’s your answer to that?

MEEKS: We’re still paying off the debt that George Bush created.


HANNITY: I’m asking you about today.

MEEKS: We’ve got to pay George Bush — today — the credit card.

HANNITY: Today, do we have a spending problem?

MEEKS: Today, we have to — we have to pay back the debt of yesterday. And that’s what we have to do —

HANNITY: We’ve got Barack Obama’s debt. Stop, stop.

MEEKS: You’ve got a credit card, you’ve got a credit card. You get a bill. You have to pay the bill.

HANNITY: I’ve got a question for you. Do we have a spending problem today? Yes or no? It’s not a hard question.

MEEKS: We have a debt problem.

HANNITY: We have a debt problem. We don’t have a spending problem today?

MEEKS: We have a debt problem. We have a debt problem and we have to pay our bills.

HANNITY: All right. But we’re borrowing 46 cents of every dollar, Congressman Hensarling.

HENSARLING: The deficit is the symptom, it is spending that is the disease. I mean, over the last 10 years, federal spending has almost doubled and the economy and only increased about 15 to 16 percent and working families, they haven’t seen their income increased at all. It is a spending problem. And right now, the president’s taking spending from 20 percent of the economy to about 25 and it’s on its way to 40. I mean, at this spending trajectory, working families are going to have tax rates that will make France’s new socialist president blush, you can’t do it.

MEEKS: You know, one of the things I just heard the chairman say that I agree maybe by working families. So, Mr. Chairman, we’re going to agree that we need to raise the minimum wage for working families so that they can have and earn more money here. And that’s something that I think that we can agree upon, what I would like to see us do is raise the minimum wage —

HENSARLING: What I would like to see, Greg, is what we actually need is maximum opportunity and we’re not going to get maximum opportunity when your party and this president taxes small businesses, when we put crushing regulatory burdens like ObamaCare and Dodd Frank upon them, we’re not going to get —

MEEKS: But can we agree to raise the minimum wage? Can we agree to raise minimum wage to those working families —


But also remember according their are others in the Obama Borg Collective that also believe there is no spending problem:

 They think it’s:

 in the health-care system (Our President)

 a ‘budget deficit problem’ (Rep. Pelosi D-CA),

 a ‘paying-for problem’ (Rep. Hoyer D-MD), Heh, Steny what a name!!!!

 a ‘Misallocation of Wealth problem’ (Sen. Harkin D-IA).

I post this because Congressman Meeks is pathetic.   Yes George W Bush created some of the debt we are in now.  However, Just a reminder that both houses of Congress Dems and Republicans approved both wars.  President Obama on the first day should have started to cut spending and not tried to RAM through ObamaCare as well as needless Crony Capitalism projects.  Solyndra, the Auto maker bailouts were all done on his watch not Bush 43.   Simple common sense rule Congressman if you have debt you don’t create more debt to pay off the old debt.  SHUT THE DAMN SPICKET OFF!!!! Understand Sir?

Again this proves that Liberalism is a Mental Disorder….


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