Andrew Breitbart – (1969-2012)

One year ago today Andrew Breitbart passed away.  I heard about it through a post on Chicks on the Right.  I was stunned.  How could Breitbart pass?  He kicked Liberal Testicles and there was still many more to be kicked in and smashed to bits.  It was Election 2012 and I was looking forward to a summer of Breitbart posting all sorts of stuff at one of his Big Sites on the Democrats and Obama.  I was looking forward of laughing profusely as Breitbart would tear apart the fool America had elected in 2008.

There are times I wonder had Breitbart been alive would the 2012 election had turned out any different.  I thought that if the Romney campaign might have brought him on as a consultant and Andrew would have given solid advice on how beat Team Obama at their game.  That is the talent God gave Breitbart he knew exactly where to hit Liberals/Progressives using their own tired emotional dialogue.  He knew at the very core Libs were all about emotions and feeling and that was the weapon of choice Andrew used against them.

If I die tomorrow I would hope God would send my Dad and Andrew Breitbart to greet me.  My dad would say “Welcome Home Son, I Love you and miss you.”  AB would say “Watch from up here, the Good Guys are going to win big time – God already told me.”

God Bless You Andrew Breitbart you are sorely missed.



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