So, Libs WTF?

Tea Party Goals In a broad sense, the main goal of the Tea Party movement is to change the institution of the federal government to the effect that American’s freedoms are restored to the ideals of the founding fathers. These ideas include:

  • Low taxes
  • Dramatically smaller government with a much reduced role
  • Substantially less central government (Washington) and a preference for states rights
  • More individual freedom
  • Free market prosperity

This is accomplished in a number of ways:

  • American citizens must decide to elect out corrupt officials and replace them with individuals who value the input of the average citizen.
  • The government that governs best is one that governs least, and elected leaders must be made to understand that.
  • Those officials who remain in office should know that they will not remain if they vote against the will of the people.

Another objective of the Tea Parties is to educate Americans who don’t understand the price that’s been paid for freedom, and to mobilize them into civic action.

Why do you on the left think this is so awful that you send moles to Tea Party events so it looks like we are racists.

Why is it that after every mass shooting that involves the killing or injuring of innocents that it must have been a Tea Partier (Hello Brian Ross, Katie Couric, the now disgraced Keith Olbermann etc.).

Did Sarah Palin do something to the left that caused the most hateful bile in American History to be spewed from the Left?  What happened?

1)  Did she take the last Twinkie?

2)  Was Todd Palin supposed to be your date?

3)  Did someone in High School whom looked like Sarah Palin  give you the swirlie to end all swirlies and an Atomic Binder your Freshman Year?

Occupy Wall Street destroyed property, robbed, raped and pillaged like a swarm of locusts.  Please document anywhere at a Tea Party event where someone was hurt, property damaged and trash strewn around.  Links from Huff Po, Daily Kos and every other piece of left wing Propaganda crapola don’t count. 

Finally, I have a question for the MSM.  Today I read on that the MSM is covering up for the recent DROP in Obama’s popularity numbers.  This is one of literally hundreds of things you have covered up and swept under the rug.  La, la, la it does not exist.  You have covered up Benghazi, Fast and Furious what the real cost and the damage Obamacare will do next year once implemented.  Do you have any Ethics CNNNBCCBSABC, Cartoon Network, Current Al-Jazeera America, New York Times, etc.  Do you think keeping the masses in the dark and spreading bullshit is a good for them or is it what is necessary to keep the dream of a Communist Utopia alive?



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