A-Hole Bartender whom filmed Mitt Romney’s 47% video comes forward and talks to Ed “Just Got Bumped to Weekends on MesSNBC” Schultz

Daily Mail

The man who secretly filmed the infamous ’47  percent’ video of Mitt Romney has finally come forward and explained why he  decided to wade into the presidential dogfight.

Scott Prouty publicly admitted that he was  the bartender who released the footage of Republican presidential candidate Mitt  Romney speaking at a private fundraiser and he said that the motivating reason  behind the move was so that all Americans could see the ‘true’ Romney.

‘Frankly the people that were there that  night, they paid $50,000 per person for a dinner. I grew up in a blue collar  area of Boston,’ Mr Prouty said in an interview with MSNBC’s Ed  Schultz.

‘There’s a lot of people who can’t afford to  pay $50,000 for one night, for one dinner… I felt an obligation for all of the  people who can’t afford to be there.

First, “Mr.” Prouty you broke the Florida Wiretap Law that prohibits the recording of anyone  without their knowledge in a private setting. You should have charges filed  against you to the fullest extent of the law!.

Second, okay dude you got what you wanted an Obama victory thanks to your “obligation for all of the  people who can’t afford to be there”.  However, you probably don’t realize that if Mitt Romney had won, there would be no sequester, the continued hemorraging of the national debt and deficit would have stopped and we wouldn’t be selling military gear and jets to the Egyptians.

There also would have been a tax cut for businesses thus generating more jobs and also thus the economy would have started getting better.

Also, Mitt Romney would not have drawn a salary as President saving the government whatever it is $250,000 a year.

ObamaCare would be on its way to the shredder by now.  People would be less fearful of losing their jobs or having their hours cut at work because of their Employer’s ObamaCare expense.  Granny would not thrown over the cliff, we would not have dirty air and water, etc.

Mitt Romney would have TRIED and probably succeeded to bring the parties together in Congress to come up with a budget and the appropriate cuts.  A budget seems to be a foreign concept to Dems because they did not submit one in over four years until this week.

Instead of the President playing Golf with Tiger Woods and vacationing continuously, Mitt Romney would not have taken a vacation until the work in Washington was done.  Paul Ryan would be hard at work on the business of the country.  “Crazy Uncle” Joe Biden would be talking to walls in Delaware hallucinating that he could run for President in 2016.

But you had to bring an illegally taped video to the people because in your warped view of the world it was necessary.  So now we have President Panic, taxes going up, deficit going up to $20 Trillion (That’s 20 followed by 12, count ’em 12 zeroes) by 2016 and people chomping at their collective bits trying to figure out if they will be working tomorrow or roasting rats over an open flame in a garbage can.

Enjoy your high five with Eddie, someday my friend  maybe you will realize just exactly what you have done.

Ed Schultz


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