If Obama were White.. More goofy crap from Libs…

Received this on my Facebook page this morning:


Okay, point by point:

He would have beat Mitt Romney by double digits. 

Barack Obama won a second term because of the dependent, ignorant, brainwashed and the low information voters whom came out in droves in comparison to conservatives whom stupidly thought there was no difference between the two.  Lots of voter fraud also helped his win.

His wife’s guest appearances on TV would be completely uncontroversial. 

Hey, remember Sarah Palin? Every time she showed up on CNNNBCCBSABC she was asked who was the REAL mother of Trig, why did she REALLY resign as Governor as well as a barrage of lame ass questions in an attempt to get her on a “gotcha” and then spread the shit all over, Facebook, Huffington Post and Twitter.  Michelle Obama is asked about her arms, the girls, whom the designer of the dress she is wearing and does her husband wear Boxer or Briefs to bed when she should be asked how much her last vacation cost, why does Bo the dog get his own limo and why she eats at Burger King while she scolds the rest of us for looking at McDonald’s fries.  

And everyone in Politics would be celebrating the “Obama Recovery”. 

This is just too absurd to comment on but I will anyway.  Apparently Obama was with the Choom gang when he was supposed to be in his Econ 101 class.  Okay, the economy does not recover when you take over 1/6 of the economy that now is costing almost twice what it was supposed to cost.  Second you don’t recover when you throw money into a stimulus that went down like a Lead Zeppelin and also at “Green Energy” companies’ (Hello Solyndra).  Third you do not recover when you tax business owners a rate of 39.5% (the highest in the world) and strangle them with mindless, bureaucratic business regulations that even the “Spock with a Beard” Universe could follow.

Obama won the White House because people were petrified to say anything bad about him for fear of being called a bigot or a racist.   The President bullshitted on the “Arab Spring” Egypt and Libya are now enemies.  You have a lapdog media that blows happy smoke on everything he does.  He gets passes on Fast and Furious, Benghazi  and dozens of other conspiracies that would have brought a President Romney or Bush down the road to impeachment.  If he were sacrifing puppies on the East Lawn of the White House to a pagan god, the MSM would say he was having a BBQ.

This picture is PURE Liberal/Progressive propaganda. 

Many thanks to “Being Liberal” for providing me the material for my blog again.


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