Washed up Jim Carrey gets desperate with “Cold Dead Hand” video

Jim Carrey becomes the lowest of the low by parodying Charleton Heston and Hee Haw.  Hee Haw was a parody show to begin with and he stoops even lower by going after the Late Charleton Heston whom is not here to defend himself.

I love bad Hollywood actors with unearned superior superiority.  

Wow that breakup with Jenny McCarthy must have been real hard.  Trigging up the Bi-Polar Jim?  Check in with the Doc and make sure you have the right balance of psychotropic meds.  Depression is an incredible uphill climb. I’d be concerned about you doing injury to yourself with a gun than ridiculing gun politics.

Remember Jim Carrey wants you the low information voter, second amendment hating American to be entertained by mocking a dead actor and making pee-pee jokes.

I will repeat Greg Gutfeld’s question “Would you do a parody about gangs which kills more people with handguns?

Better yet Jimmy show some real balls – go up and debate Greg Gutfeld on “The Five” or “Red Eye”.  No balls – locked in a Mason Jar somewhere in your glass house?  That’s okay we understand.

See you soon on the next “No Money down Real Estate” infomercial Jim.  A-HOLE

By the way lets rub it in Jim to the entire slope headed, flyover country, inbred, hayseed, clinging to our guns and religion folks.



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