SO, I was talking to a Senior Citizen about ObamaCare the other day..

AND I asked why he voted for Barack Obama.  He said because his health costs would be taken care of by ObamaCare.


I gave the following scenario.

Let’s say you and a 23 year old need a liver.  You have kept yourself in excellent health, eat only organic foods, excerise work out.  Unfortunately, you happened to get Liver Cancer.  On the other hand the 23 year old has:

1)  Screwed anything with a pulse for years.

2)  Has a “mild” addiction to Heroin.

3)  Drinks that would put the local homeless guys to shame.

4)  Has A steady diet of eating Chicken Fat off the floor, warm Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and Marlboro Cigarettes.

Now, who gets the liver?

ANSWER:  The 23 year old as determined by a Government bureaucrat.

Good health be damned, according to the Government Actuaries the 23 year old would live longer and therefore would be in more of a need of it.

In Other Words Sir – YOU LOSE BIG TIME!!!!



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