Lessons that to be learned from the scandals of the Obama Presidency and their trusty lapdog, MesSNBC

Hopefully some lessons will come out of this presidency:

1. Make certain you know what and who you vote for – “not Bush” isn’t good enough.

2. Understand that entitlement money has to come from somewhere.

3. Understand that the Fed is very inefficient at spending money.

4. Understand that debt is eventually paid by someone –if not you then it will be your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

I didn’t vote for him in either 2008 or 2012, but believe or not early on I did really hope that the first black president would be so much more than this president has been.

It needs to be pointed out in a big way that the administration’s biggest supporter, MSNBC is an embarrassment to the news media, and in an industry that long ago discarded any sense of honor or shame, that’s saying something.  It is a parody of what a news organization should be. Point of view reportage? Fine. Fox has it, as does every other 24 hour news network. But at least they present a balanced approach, giving air time to opposing views from serious opponents. Even Fox took Bush to the woodshed numerous times.

MSNBC is a failure because it has become a lapdog, not a watchdog, and a dog who will love its master regardless of how dishonest or immoral he is not a good guardian of assets but rather is only good as a house pet.

Comcast/NBC should either scrap the channel or sell it to Democratic National Committee where they can continue to be their Pravda.



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