Well, President Carter at least you are a consistent Wuss toward Terrorists…


Former President Jimmy Carter is trying to convince the US government to ease up the sanctions on terrorists groups so peace groups are able to work with them. Carter and other do-gooders have petitioned Secretary of State John Kerry to exempt peace organizations from rules that “make it a crime to offer negotiation training and humanitarian law classes to terror groups.”

Rest of article here.

Things just don’t change eh Jimmah? When the hostages were taken at the Iranian embassy in 1979, President Carter told the marines at the embassy to stand down because he didn’t want the little terrorists to get hurt. 34 years later he still doesn’t want the damn terrorists to get hurt. How about the American interest first there Mr. Carter? You can’t negotiate with people whose mission statement is to kill Americans.

BTW Jimmy maybe if you had told the Marines to blow the terrorists brains out in 1979 they would have got the message not to F*** with Americans and we wouldn’t be messing around with them today.

Jimmy Carter


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