Of Bees and Abortions….

RT (that’s Russia Today)

A Portland resident is creating quite the buzz by hosting a memorial ceremony dedicated to the 50,000 bumblebees that died in an Oregon parking lot last week.

 Just days before National Pollinator Week, tens of thousands of bees fell from the trees and were found dead at a Target parking lot in Wilsonville, Ore. A state investigation found that an insecticide coined “Safari” was to blame, and Oregon now has a 180-day ban of 18 pesticides containing the chemical dinotefuran.

 More than 50 poisoned European linden trees have been covered with netting to prevent further bee deaths, and the Oregon State Agricultural Department is still investigating whether or not there was a violation of state or federal pesticide laws. 

Link Here.

Okay, here is how Bees work.  There is a Queen, a Drone and Worker bees.  The Drone impregnates the Queen and she lays thousands of eggs.  The eggs hatch and the drone is either stung to death or tossed out of the hive by the Worker Bees.  There are billions upon billions of bees in the world.  We couldn’t kill them all if we wanted to.. If 50000 or so die, no worry, 50000 more will around in a month or so.  Got it?

Meanwhile at the Texas State Capitol….

Fox News

Chaos reigned in the final minutes of the Texas Senate late Tuesday night as opponents of a strict abortion bill succeeded in killing the measure, using a sprawling Democrat-led filibuster, egged on by noisy “unruly mob” protests, to blunt last-ditch efforts by Republicans to save the legislation.

The drama centered largely around Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis, who staged an hours-long, old-fashioned filibuster on the Senate floor against a bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Link Here.

Where as with humans if you kill one you are killing potential for what contributions can do if that human is brought into the world.  Cure Cancer, break sports records, brew a better beer, etc.  Not only do you kill that human but any offspring that human may have thus killing hundreds of potentially good and great human beings who can contribute to the betterment of mankind.

Funny Democrats want laws preventing cruel and inhumane treatment of animals, but when it comes to innocent children we can pull their arms and legs from the body with no questions asked.

So, if I am to assess the importance of insects and humans here, I would say that as a Nation we give more of a damn about 50000 dead bees than the continuation of 20 week plus old baby’s life by having their spinal cords cut by scissors…

So, what will it be America Dead Bees OR
Dead Children???!!!


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