Wendy Davis has a Friend in Sandra “The Government should pay for my Birth Control” Fluke


Two darlings of the left are having a luncheon.   Look for wall to wall coverage from the Liberal/Lying/Lame/Mainstream/Media for the “Fluke/Davis Joys of Baby Killing” party.

Fundraiser invite from Sandra Fluke:


Enter to win two tickets to our San Francisco Luncheon!
I’m a huge Wendy Davis fan.
When she laced up her sneakers and fought for Texas women last month, I was so inspired by her and all of the women and men in Texas who stood with her.
So I’m excited to share some big news: I’ll be meeting Wendy Davis at an EMILY’s List luncheon on August 16th — and you could join us there.
Contribute to EMILY’s List right now and you’ll be entered to win a trip to San Francisco for a leadership luncheon with me, Wendy Davis, and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.
Last year, hyper-partisan leaders shut me and every other woman out of a congressional hearing panel on insurance coverage for birth control.
It’s becoming a pattern. They think that the best way to control women’s health is to keep women out of the conversation.
EMILY’s List is fighting back and amplifying our voices by helping to elect women leaders who will stand up to their offensive, obsolete attacks. Amazing, incredible all-star women like Wendy Davis from Texas in the state Senate and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard from Hawai’i in the United States Congress.
Now here’s your chance to be right in the middle of it all. One lucky person and a guest could receive a free trip to San Francisco, where you’ll get tickets to a women’s leadership luncheon featuring Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Maria Teresa Kumar of Voto Latino, and me.
Donate now to join Wendy Davis, Tulsi Gabbard, and me August 16th.
The contest ends Tuesday night, so don’t wait to make your contribution. If I weren’t already going, I’d sign up myself!

See you there,
Sandra Fluke

To Sandy Davis I say this.  If the Abortion bill had failed in TX, I think you should have been sent a photo of the first 20 week old or older baby that was aborted with the caption that said “Congratulations, Mission Accomplished”.



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