Reincey Priebus threatens CNN and NBC to stop their Propaganda for Hillary Clinton.

Fox News Channel

The head of the Republican Party threatened Monday to cut out CNN and NBC from the GOP presidential primary debates if the networks do not shelve their plans to air lengthy features on Hillary Clinton — who is widely expected to be a Democratic candidate in the 2016 election.

 Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus accused both networks of trying to put “a thumb on the scales” of the 2016 race with programming he claimed would be tantamount to an “in-kind donation” to the Clinton campaign.

More Here.

Dear Reincey: The RNC called me twice two weeks ago looking for money. I was busy at work at the time so I could give the solicitors a reason why I was not going to donate. After thinking here is my reasoning. Don’t threaten the networks; let them push out their propaganda. How about you work on FNC getting some of the debates for 2016 instead? In 2012 the RNC gave all of the debates to CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS. Better yet, step aside and let a REAL conservative like let’s say Judge Andrew Napolitano run the party. One more thing; let the Tea Party in, they will assure that the GOP DOES NOT become Democrat Lite. Unless, that is what you ultimately want…



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