Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Kennedy

thI picked up from my local library the audio book of “Killing Kennedy”.  All 7 of the CDs are awesome; O’Reilly’s reading style made me take longer routes on the way home from work to hear what was next.

A couple of things I learned.

J. Edgar Hoover was the ultimate manipulator for his time.  He had the goods on the Kennedys, Frank Sinatra, the Mob and people not born yet.  He would have information on let’s say Frank Sinatra and his mob connections.  Hoover then STRONGLY recommended to JFK that he cut off all ties with him.  JFK hesitated and J. Edgar informed him that he had a boatload of information on prostitutes running through the White House and if he didn’t cut ‘ol Blue Eyes, it might be leaked to the press.  Bobby Kennedy then calls Peter Lawford to tell Sinatra.  Lawford tells Sinatra and upon hearing the news cuts off Lawford from the Rat Pack.  JFK has his California trip at Bing Crosby’s and has two nights with Marilyn Monroe.  Hoover gets the information on the Kennedy – Monroe liaison and probably kept it in the “Short Hairs of the Kennedys” files in case it might be needed in the future.

JFK was dedicated to Jackie in the last 6 months of his life.  When JFK first got in office in 1961, he’d have loose women run in and out of the White House.  Jackie Kennedy felt this was part of being a male Kennedy.  She and the kids would go to Virginia on Thursday night and come back early Monday morning.  JFK, RFK and everybody with a last initial “K” would have the girls over for three nights and then clean it all up on Sunday night.   Jackie and JFK slept in separate beds as well.

In the last months of JFK’s life, Jackie was pregnant with a child.  JFK suddenly saw the true beauty of Jackie and became dedicated and loyal to her.  No more naked girls in the WH Thursday – Sunday.  Jackie lost the baby and at the same time JFK fell in love with her.  Cool.

Had JFK run in 1964, it probably would have been a JFK/RFK ticket.  Lyndon Johnson was eccentric, power hungry and just an overall nasty guy.  RFK couldn’t stand him.  In Cabinet meetings he would embarrass LBJ and LBJ would sulk.  In the end JFK couldn’t stand him or the votes he brought in from TX.

JFK became a much better President as he went along.  The Bay of Pigs was a disaster but he showed his Iron Will in making Khrushchev blink first during the October Missile crisis of 1962.  JFK also favored tax cuts for the wealthy because, IT WOULD HELP THE ECONOMY AND GET MORE PEOPLE BACK TO WORK!!!  The present occupant of the White House has no idea of this concept; nor much of anything else for that matter.

Excellent Audio Book Bill, I will definitely check out “Killing Lincoln”.


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