The CA Republicans are Dead

Unfortunately, the lefties are absolutely correct…

Being Liberal and Young Progressive Voices

As reported by The Sacramento Business Journal, Republican registration in the state has dropped seven points over the last decade. This new data from the Public Policy Institute of California shows that 43.9 percent of the registered population are Democrats, but Republican registration has declined to 28.9 percent. In addition, independent voters are more likely to lean Democratic. Four out of 10 independents lean Democratic, versus three out of 10 who lean Republican. 

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Yes, the GOP is dead in California.  You have a Democratic Governor and Legislature passing insane laws like Medical Assistants can now perform abortions.  $10.00 Hour minimum wage and a $500 Billion “Bullet” train to nowhere.  Don’t you ever ask yourselves why CA leads the nation in people leaving the state and going to TX, ND and other GOP, debt free, no state tax states?



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