Missing Andrew Breitbart

If Andrew Breitbart were alive today he would be 44 years old.  Every now and then I like to post here some kind of reminder that Andrew Breitbart was a GIGANTIC, HUGE BLOODY BOIL ON THE COLLECTIVE ASSES of MSDNC, CNN, Current (now Al-Jaezerra) and all of the Liberalism is a Mental Disorder press.  Video below is AB talking to Martin Batshit in May. 2011.  Mr. Bashir for 14 minutes tries to attach Breitbart to racism, Sherry Sherrod (now sueing Mrs. Breitbart), that Michael Weiner was framed by Breitbart and everything else under the sun up to and including the Heartbreak of Psorasis and Jock Itch.

Video is classic Breitbart.

God bless and thank you Andrew, we all miss you down here.


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