Obama Wages Wars against the US..

Pupncats at the Truth Revolt dot Org

Obama is the warmonger as is the Democratic Party.

He and they have waged a war:

1. Against the Constitution.

2. Against the rule of law.

3. Against the economic system that has proven to be the only one that has served to bring the most people out of poverty in history-capitalism and free markets.

4. Against women by treating them as commodities and unpaid whores.

5. Against heterosexuals.

6. Against marriage.

7. Against human life by supporting the intentional murder of millions of the unborn.

8. Against white people.

9. Against our allies.

10. Against Christians.

11. Against our constitutional rights-freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and the right to own guns.

12. Against common sense.

13. Against responsibility for one’s actions.

14. Against our democratic republic.

15. Against honesty.

16. Against transparency and accountability to the taxpayers.

17. Against liberty.



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