Funny Al I thought the reason for the season is the birth of Christ. You know the one who died on the cross for my sins.. That Jesus Christ…

“So a really good Christmas message is to really emphasize healthcare and health insurance among our families, your child, your niece, your nephew, particularly young people that think they are invincible, let them know they are not, and the time is now to sign up. That’s a real Christmas message and it’s something that gives some reason for the season other than toys” – “Reverend” Al Sharpton

Jesus was born to push for Ocommiecare Al?  Really?  Please show me the bible passage that supports your thesis.  I will explain it again okay?  Jesus’s relationship to the government was as follows:

They tried to kill him before he was born.

They mocked him when he was alive.

The government put him to death.

So I would tend to think that Jesus was not so hot on government or government programs.




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