Villains of the Year (Yes, they are Lefties)…

PJTV’S “Next Generation” ran a segment called “Heroes and Villains” today. The heroes are too many and numerous to mention. The villains are better to name and funnier to write about.

So, my Villains for this year are:

Phil Griffin – Whom runs the insane asylum cable News Channel called MSNBC aka MSDNC. Martin Bashir said probably the crudest thing in the history of television and you sat on it for two weeks. Then tell us he quit!!!!! BULLSHIT!!! You fired him when he should have been pulled off the air the moment he said it. The producer, director whomever saw the Bashir dialogue before it aired should have been shoved out the door with their COBRA booklet as well.

Then we have Melissa Harris-Perry. She wears tampon earrings on the air in solidarity to Wendy Davis. The Pro-Choice supporters at the Capitol were throwing bloody tampons on the Senate floor. So, Ms Harris-Perry was wearing something in solidarity to a weapon that was going to be used.

Al Sharpton. Do you seriously fear this guy? Why was he hired in the first place?

Toure. If a conservative white person says “black” this guy has a keniption fit and shoots the race card phaser in all directions..

Chris Mathews. Comedy relief. Funny for the wrong reasons. Keeps “Newsbusters” going. Keep him.

Lois Lerner. During the Congressional investigation into the IRS, not only does she take the fifth amendment but has the nerve to give a five minute speech as to WHY she was taking the fifth amendment. Meanwhile, back in IL she politically destroys Al Salvi with bogus allegations about 1996 campaign contributions to his Senate campaign. Clearing the way for Dicky Durbin to become Senator. Congratulations, Lois by your illegal efforts you messed up IL as well the history of the US forever by paving the way for President Asshat to win in 2008.

Dick Durbin convinced Barack Obama to run for President. No Durbin then their probably would have no President Obama..



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