Video: Lois Lerner Pleads The Fifth – Issa Cuts Cummings’ Mike

Nice Deb

Well the IRS Targeting hearing with Lois Lerner went well, didn’t it? Sorry for the delayed reaction. I was en route to Washington DC for CPAC 2014 while this mess was going down.

Republicans have been saying that Lerner was expected to either testify or ask for a delay, today.

Clearly, that didn’t happen.

She maintains that she did not waive her right to plead the Fifth when she made a statement at the hearing last July. We were also led to believe that there would be immediate repercussions if Lerner refused to testify again. She was to be held in contempt and sent to jail.

Clearly that didn’t happen.

“On the advice of my counsel, I respectfully exercise my Fifth Amendment right and decline to answer that question,” she said in response to several questions.”

There are reports that Lerner’s life has been threatened. But in what manner and…

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