What is a Human??

A human is not a random thing created by the universe.

A human is not a paramecium, cluster of cells, tadpole, a tumor or a zygote.

A human is not someone to be stabbed with scissors in the brain, sucked out with a vacuum and thrown into a waste can.

A human is not a medical condition to be tossed on to Group Health Insurance policies as you would a test for colon or breast cancer.

A human is not material to be tossed into the furnaces of British Hospitals – BTW think about it, this is what happens when you let the Government have absolute CONTROL of the health system.

A human is a divine Gift from God.

A human has a name and a background.

A human has potential to become a great scientist, world leader, star athlete or have a spouse, children, a dog, and two used Hondas in the garage.

An abortion is not liberating, exhilarating or something to be bragged about on a T-Shirt.

The only thing an abortion makes you is the parent of a dead child.

Pictured below is a human who has every right to exist.



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