Allen West’s “War Crime”..

Many libs say that Colonial Allen West is a war criminal. I finally found out why he had an “Article 32” hearing that made him in Liberal fantasies a “War Criminal”.


American Thinker

Sent to Iraq in 2003, West’s battalion settled in a town north of Baghdad named Taji. West received a tip about a forthcoming ambush. At the behest of interrogators, he questioned an Iraqi detainee, a policeman who had been covertly assisting the enemy. Finding the man uncooperative, West took him outside and discharged his Beretta 9mm service pistol close to the man’s head.

The man became very talkative. The ambush was averted, and two insurgents were arrested.

West reported the incident to his superiors immediately. You can hear the story in West’s own words here. Of course, the Army denizens of political correctness launched an Article 32 investigation, charged West with assault, and fined him $5,000.


Grow up Libs. He fired a gun near (not at) an Iraqi Detainee to get information about an upcoming attack that was diverted.   As opposed to the current occupant of the White House who had his underlings send out Susan Rice to tell one of the biggest lies in the history of the Republic blaming Benghazi on a poorly made Anti-Islam video.



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