About Me

Priorities: 1) God 2) Family 3) My country.

This is a conservative blog.  I am a Conservative.  Simple as that.  If you do not like this please go to WordPress.com and set up your own blog, it is free.

This is a place for me to carry on and release.  The commentary is mostly between ranting and semi-serious thought provoking comments. 

Currently I am boycotting the following companies:


BP – Not for the Oil Spill in the Gulf, but for brokering the deal with Libya to release the Lockerbie Bomber for “health” reasons.  The Bomber dropped dead a short time ago.  May all of his 72 Virgins look like Barney Frank.

Starbucks – Supports Planned Parenthood and Gay Marriage.

AARP – I am supposed to be joining this about now.  Again, Pro Planned Parenthood and Gay Marriage.  Not joining even if their damn prescriptions are free.  Will join AMAC instead.

NBC, CNN, MesSNBC – Liberal and has a cast of News Journalists that resembles Cartoon Network.  I boycott them by not having cable period thus I can avoid paying for the “bundled” packages that these so called “Networks” come in on.

Stand on Topics:

Gay Marriage – It’s coming and will be legal In IL.  I will have no say in it.  I favor a Civil Union for gay couples that would entitle them to shared health benefits, inheritances etc.  Marriage is a convenant mandated by God.  If any attempt is made to either use the church or facilites within a bible believing church that condemns gay Marriage, then my fat ass is out in front on their wedding day.  No violence and no shouting.  Just out in front of the church with a picket sign.

Birther – No I am not.  Do I believe Obama was born in this country, NO.  Evidence is pretty clear.  I think the Born in America requirement is ridiculous as a requirement to be President as well the 14th Amendment that if you are born in this country you are automatically a citizen.  Make it 15 years as a citizen in this country and repeal the 14th Amendment and you have a deal.

Who is Obama?  A media creation of Oprah Winfrey, MesSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC.  Never vetted and now we see the incompetence to the point where this country is on its way to  wafting into the mists of history based on this President and his unvetted minions not knowing WTF they are doing. 


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I completely disagree with everything on your blog, EXCEPT that you added me to your blogroll! Thanks for the assist! Drop by if you ever want your blood pressure elevated!

  2. I’m sorry, but Diamond Dave all the way. I mean, once you’ve seen him in his ass-less spandex how can you look at Hagar? Besides, I much prefer the raunchier sound Van Halen had when DLR was on board.

  3. You make excellent points! I do however disagree with your stance on being born in the U.S. as a requirement for presidency. If not, we could end up with Radical Muslims as presidents and that would destroy this world. Islam is the fastest growing religion!

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