SO, I was talking to a Senior Citizen about ObamaCare the other day..

AND I asked why he voted for Barack Obama.  He said because his health costs would be taken care of by ObamaCare.


I gave the following scenario.

Let’s say you and a 23 year old need a liver.  You have kept yourself in excellent health, eat only organic foods, excerise work out.  Unfortunately, you happened to get Liver Cancer.  On the other hand the 23 year old has:

1)  Screwed anything with a pulse for years.

2)  Has a “mild” addiction to Heroin.

3)  Drinks that would put the local homeless guys to shame.

4)  Has A steady diet of eating Chicken Fat off the floor, warm Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and Marlboro Cigarettes.

Now, who gets the liver?

ANSWER:  The 23 year old as determined by a Government bureaucrat.

Good health be damned, according to the Government Actuaries the 23 year old would live longer and therefore would be in more of a need of it.

In Other Words Sir – YOU LOSE BIG TIME!!!!



Okay, let’s try this again folks; this is the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives “War on Women”

The Democrats’ accusation of a purported Republican “war on women” is not new. It is one of those tricks they pull out of their bag when they have nothing else that is workable. And the Democrat Party in its current state is totally bereft of viable ideas. Everything they have tried, everything they support and everything they plan has already been demonstrated an abject failure. All they can do is attack, smear and impugn, depending upon their willing lap-dogs in the media to spread their lies unchallenged.

Government schools are huge contributors to this assault via their “values clarification” mandatory classes in which students are taught that right and wrong are whatever you say they are and that “your parents may have taught you what right and wrong mean, and that was fine for THEM, but you must decide this for yourself.” The indoctrination of liberalism and by the left is everywhere now, and we see the results.

Liberals show tolerance of: any behavior that is destructive of societal cohesiveness.  It is time to create a way to force them to live with the consequences of their actions instead of forcing the enemy Conservatives to rescue them.

Liberals have impaired the American system of justice for fifty years and counting. We cannot allow Obama to nominate the next few Supreme Court justices.

Liberal “logic”: Oppose executing convicted murderers, support murdering innocent babies.

The only logic I see is that murder is considered a good thing by liberals this results in their warped minds fewer people on the planet, it lowers health care costs and in the end there is more food for you, more food for me.  

Liberals defend pornographers whose publications dehumanize women and are directly linked to many crimes, from abuse to serial killing. Liberals argue for legitimizing “sex trade workers” which again, transforms normal human beings into nothing more than sex toys to be used and tossed. They applaud the cohabitation rate, even though it is also linked to increased likelihood of abuse, both of women and their children. In their effort to stop being judged only on their physical attractiveness, the cheer on those forces of culture that sexualize women and reward women exclusively on their willingness to bare skin and “put out”.

Liberals do not even begin to fathom how the liberal war strikes at the very core of femininity by re-defining womanhood away from the “bondage” of marriage into the “freedom” of singleness, from the “drudgery” of motherhood to the fulfilling success of a career, from “prudish” modesty to stylish power sexiness. Because women aren’t truly free unless their free to sleep around and walk away without the stress of a long term relationship with a jerk or raising a child she really doesn’t want the responsibility of raising the children she makes.

Enough already.



Need a big loud belly laugh this weekend? Watch The Road We’ve Traveled Official Trailer – Obama for America 2012

Directed by Davis Guggenheim in association with the Ministry of Obama for America 2012 and CHECK THIS OUT DOUBLE COMEDY BONUS FOLKS!!!  Tom Hanks narrates this drivel.

The real name of this crockumentary should be “How I Spiked the Football While Telling the SEALS Not To.” Of course, we all know that it was President Obama who flew from the Camp David golf course to Abbottabad on his supersonic stealth Unicorn One, flew over the Bin Laden retirement villa and sprinkled deadly pixie dust on the encampment; then, called in the SEALS to do mop-up duty while he returned the back nine at Camp David. Brilliant!

Guggenheim is a propagandist, no question about it. This thing really sounds like an insipid bucket of tripe.

Hat Tip: Sarah Roman 

The 2nd Worst President Jimmy Carter Proclaims that the Occupy Movement has been “Relatively Successful”

As successful as the peanut farmer and fighting with the community organizer as the worst president in American history; when will the American people understand that peanut farming and community organizing does not prepare you to be president? Failure repeated is still major failure.

“Relatively successful'” at what?;  the public sex, the PUBLIC defecation, the PUBLIC urination, the thefts, the rapes, the drugs, the anti-Semitic rants, the child abandonment, the rats and filth, the tuberculosis, the members of the KKK who marched with them (Google it), the members of the Nazi party who marched with them (Google it), the physical assaults, the terroristic threats against children on their way to school, the deaths, the damage and destruction and the FORTUNE it cost taxpayers to pay for the anarchy?   Is THAT what the 2ND WORST PRESIDENT EVER (Obama WILL pass him) CONDONES?

 Carter is completely brain dead. His mouth and his brain are not connected. Where do the Democrats come up with people like him, Clinton, Obama and the rest of the dimwits that make up the Democratic Party? What really blows my mind are the people who vote for such losers of course the occupiers are the class the Democratic have produced. The Give Me or you owe me generation.

 When American history is written, Jimmy Carter and Che Guevara will be equal in radicalism. One is just as dangerous as the other to society and our way of life. The United States government is full of anti-Americans just like Jimmy Carter. Jimmy is just one among many, leftwing radicals of revolution. They want to overthrow Capitalism and replace it with global socialism. Their two big obstacles are Christians and conservatives, and their hatred grows deeper by the day for all conservatives. The attack on our churches, Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, and others are just an example of leftwing hatred.

 It is the MSM and fools like Carter that are desperately trying to make the OWS movement successful by downplaying or ignoring the filth, violence, crimes and cost.  They are the ones driving the wealth disparity message.

As far as America being stingy – who is it the nations call on when disaster strikes?  It is the US.  Carter is not counting the cost of our military protecting and keeping most of the world safe.  He is not counting the many humanitarian missions of the military which is basically ignored by the MSM.  We give far more not just in aid paid by taxpayers but by charitable organizations with generous donations from Americans.  He is not counting our free market which allows for the development of medicines and medical procedures, which the world benefits from as well.  It is America that is at the forefront of innovation, of which the rest of the world benefits. 

If only Carter loved his country as much as he loves the despots of this world he would not be making such foolish statements.

Finally, a reason Jimmy Carter was the second worst President:

On July 3, 1979, President Carter, a Democrat, signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. (Bin Laden). In early 2001, the trial of defendants accused of the 1998 U.S. embassy bombing in Kenya disclosed that the CIA shipped high-powered sniper rifles directly to bin Laden’s operation in 1989. Even the Tennessee-based manufacturer of the rifles confirmed this. Clinton, a Democrat, was warned that Bin Laden was planning an attack on US soil and did nothing. This was going on for years BEFORE, Bush took office.

Rolling Stoned Blogger: Andrew Breitbart: Death of a Douche

 Rolling Stone Magazine

March 1, 3:10 PM ET

So Andrew Breitbart is dead. Here’s what I have to say to that, and I’m sure Breitbart himself would have respected this reaction: Good! F*** him. I couldn’t be happier that he’s dead.

I say this in the nicest possible way. I actually kind of liked Andrew Breitbart. Not in the sense that I would ever have wanted to hang out with him, or even be caught within a hundred yards of him without a Haz-Mat suit on, but I respected the shamelessness. Breitbart didn’t do anything by halves, and even his most ardent detractors had to admit that he had a highly developed, if not always funny, sense of humor…

I would put the whole post up but I think you all know where this is going…

First of all Rolling Stone is for “people” who lived in the 60’s and that are brain dead now…plain and simple.  It is for the people that never grew up, have no responsibity…want no responsibility and just want to create havoc in today’s world!

And liberals wonder why they are so hated. Is this the beginning of the Occupy Hatred Movement? Are you people so tired of losing arguments that this is the best you’ve got? Seriously! The party of compassion and “feeling your pain” shows its true face yet again. And, it’s uglier than ever. What a bunch of hypocrites you people are.

The intolerant hate filled liberals show their true colors.  They celebrate in the same vein as typical low lives on the news of a fallen warrior.

NOTE: NO LIBERAL HAS EVER STEPPED FORWARD TO CLAIM THE 100,000 REWARD OF PROOF OF THE “n” WORD BEING said during the Obamacare vote.   Breitbart went to the grave with the knowledge and proof the libtards were lying

The phony mentality of the left never ceases to prove itself. It will watch people go hungry for the sake of some animals feeling SO sorry for them. Yet, it supports a President who supports the murder of a baby which survived an abortion!   A living, breathing, helpless human being is to be slaughtered because they are ‘unwanted.’ And the left thinks this is all good as long as ‘their guy’ wins; as long as ‘their ego’ is fed.

The left is a terrorist organization and should be treated as such.

So many on the left have come out today to pay their respect to the great Andrew Breitbart in their normal moron way. Breitbart has given more to this country than most people could ever imagine. All their ranting and raving just go to show how uninformed they really are. I can hardly wait to hear what is said on the rest of the lame stream misinformed media has to say. My condolences goes of the his wife and four children. I hope the never read the bile that is being spewed by the most irresponsible morons on the face of this earth. I wish I had all of theirs name so when they have a death in the family I could call the rev. Phelps to come and protest at their funerals. Simply not acceptable behavior for supposedly adult beings. I hang my head in shame for all of you.

Mr. Breitbart was a true patriot who was raised around liberals and realized that all they stood for was corrupt and unethical and came to the conclusion that they had to be exposed for the worms that they really are, he believed that he could make this country a better place by telling the truth, “which no liberal ever does”. It takes a true worrier to stand up to the liberal machine like he did, and when he did, the libs attacked, has anyone ever noticed how the libs get more aggressive when they are exposed. I’ve always noticed that when you expose a bullies lies he gets panicky and starts lashing out at his accuser trying to get the attention away from himself, well we can expect all the negative from these lowlifes for a few more days, then they will crawl back into the holes they came from till they can find another victim to strike at that can’t possibly defend themselves. Thanks for your patriotism Andrew, you will be missed!!!

God Bless You and Thanks Andrew Breitbart!!!

So Peggy Joseph how is all of the Obama Hope and Change S**t working out for you?

We all remember Peggy Joseph, the Obamabot whom three years ago went to a BHO rally and declared the Obama would not only pay her car and mortgage payments, but that he was the second coming of Jesus. /sarc

“I never thought this day would ever happen. I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage. You know, if I help him, he’s gonna help me.”

My question is might she be a little disillusioned at Obama or still waiting him to solve her problems?  Did she become a Tea Partier?  Or is she still waiting for Obama to bring forth the sea of ineptness of Big Mama Government to her?

Solving the financial problems in Peggy Joseph’s life can’t be done by yet another give-away, big government, welfare program, even if she had gotten relief from BHO, himself. She is the duped victim of Barry’s philosophy that is INTENDED to promote even more government dependency, because he is deceitful enough to buy votes with OUR money (OUR productivity) with false promises.

That is why she had the audacity to act like a government sponsored beggar with NO SHAME. This is an example of the depravity that this country has descended into. We can thank this sorry excuse of a President to double and triple down with his Marxist philosophy that continues to appeal to that half of the population that is willing to rob from the other half of the population that is painted as having unethically stolen from the poor. His rate of debt increase to the tune of $4 billion per day with NO real improvement in the US economy (for the last three years) is all the proof you need as he engages in huge give-away programs to his corporate, union, and community organizer (mob) supporters.

The productive part of America had better wake up to the BHO deception that has NO desire to solve the near Depression (bankrupt) STATE-of-the-UNION. He continues to believe that with his lying, mass-media, Socialist propaganda arm he can continue to lead us into his version of the Marxist utopia (that no society has ever achieved) with him being the Messiah-in-Chief, aka, Liar-in-Chief, with absolutely NO accountability.

I have a few questions for Peggy Joseph. If she is supposed to be a genuine subject (serf) of Obama-the-Great’s new Marxist Empire, then why doesn’t she support the minimum carbon foot print that is expected in His Kingdom? Why does she need gasoline and a car? Why isn’t she using mass transit or car-pooling like a good little Socialist, some of whom worship the Earth? Why doesn’t she find a federally subsided housing commune for shelter and avoid the mortgage payments altogether?

Doesn’t she know how to become a national example of the Keynesian model citizen? [Keynes was a British Socialist-economist who lived from 1883 to 1946 and had huge influence on the creation of the modern Welfare State]. It was Keynes that proposed three major points for economic fairness and social justice in the post-Constitutional era.

1) Government provided (income) safety net.
2) Government provided (free) health care for all, regardless of income.
3) Government guaranteed housing for all who can’t afford it.

Come on, Mr. Obama; quit hiding your REAL beliefs and agenda. Don’t you believe in a Constitution of “Positive Rights” such as FDR and his Second Bill of Rights? Surely, this could be your creed.

Tell us why you didn’t reprimand Peggy Joseph for her outlandish expectations. Why didn’t you tell her to get with the Marxist good-citizen-program so we could see into your soul and also see what you have planned for the rest of us, i.e., Shared Prosperity/Sacrifice?

May God have mercy on this Nation – what’s left of it!

Socialism/Communism 101: President Obama: “People Don’t Get Rich on Their Own”

Real Clear Politics

President Obama tells a college audience that people don’t get rich on their own. Obama’s point that without government and paying your fair share, ultimately the successful wouldn’t be able to get where they are.

“We do not begrudge wealth in this country. I want everybody here to do well. We aspire to financial success, but we also understand that we’re not successful just by ourselves,” President Obama said at a campaign event in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Friday morning.

“We’re successful because somebody started the University of Michigan. We’re successful because somebody made an investment in all the federal research labs that created the internet. We’re successful because we have an outstanding military that costs money. We’re successful because somebody built roads and bridges. And laid broadband lines and these things didn’t just happen on their own. And if we all understand that we’ve got to pay for this stuff, it makes sense for those of us who’ve done best to do our fair share and to try to pass off that bill on to somebody else, that’s not right. That’s not who we are,” he said.

What our 44th President is saying– vote for me and I will see to it that nobody will ever become rich again, but if you make a ‘mistake’ and do become wealthy, do not fear because Barry will “right this evil wrong” and simply take it from you, it’s what socialists do. Now you would think that socialists love to live in poverty as opposed to living in wealth, but it’s not true. They don’t mind YOU living in poverty, just so it’s not the gov officials living in poverty; it’s one of the advantages of being in charge of the redistribution of wealth plan.

Instead of dictating to the American people, why not take care of your own corruption with George Soros, Wall Street BILLIONAIRES, tax breaks for the unions, and all your big campaign donors. Why not explain to the American people why Unions and big donors get healthcare waivers, while other don’t. Why not talk about who ObamaCare was designed for, UNIONS!! Why not talk about who designed ObamaCare, like Andy Stern, SEIU, ACORN and the Apollo Alliance. Why not talk about all the plans to control of our lives going on behind the scene with all the Czars behind the Veil of Secrecy? Why not allow the TV cameras to show your all day visits to BILLIONAIRE ROW in San Francisco when you fundraise with all your BILLIONAIRE friends. Why not allow the American people to watch you entertain your Hollywood weirdoes at the White House behind the closed doors of corruption and fundraising parties. Talk to them about their wealth. Talk to Oprah Winfrey about her wealth. Don’t dictate to hard working Americans how they make their money, because you have no idea what people go through to experience a little bit of retirement. Any president who stands around just waiting to take someone’s hard earned tax dollars, to redistribute to someone who didn’t earn it is nothing but corruption and treason against the American people and our way of life. We’re sick of Marxism taking over our country!!! You’re in the wrong country; you’re more suited for Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro’s Cuba.


What I refuse to pay for is lifetime free stuff for able-bodied, able-minded individuals who clearly had nothing to do with my economic status; produce nothing, share none of the burden for those things Obama cites but find it okay to suck off the earnings of those who do produce and pay taxes.

This man is a complete disgrace. He is disgusting to me. The fact that is President is a testament to how far, how disgustingly low we have fallen as a nation. We should all be ashamed of ourselves for letting this happen.

We need to pray for God’s help. We need to pray that God forgives us for kicking Him out of our schools and kicking Him out of our homes and allowing this dirt bag to run the country.

It’s simply tragic. The voice of “hope and change” has digressed into a hate filled, divisive strategy that by innuendo blames the affluent for government excessive insanity in spending. What is their crime Mr. President? They take advantage of tax laws enacted by the government; as does nearly every American taxpayer. You had 2 years to address this if it was so massively important and did………nothing.

What came first….?
A) The fruits of labor
B) Labor unions blocking fruit shipments