Will rack of dog be on the menu? Obama, Clooney and You…


The Obama campaign’s perennial “Dinner with Barack” contest now includes a special guest: George Clooney.

“Any donation you make today automatically enters you for a chance to be George Clooney’s guest at a reception for President Obama,” the Obama campaign wrote in a fundraising solicitation called “Obama, Clooney and You.”

Sorry Guys I have an Aneurysm scheduled that night.

George Clooney? What the hell has he done in his life other than entertain us that merits this? If he was never born, the world would not have missed him. There are many people that have brought something to the table that made this country great. Those that have invented something that changes our lives, those that have put their lives on the line for others, those that employ people, people on the assembly line, business owners. This guy just pretends to be someone on film and he’s important??? I don’t understand why people are so fascinated with Hollywierd. I guess now I know how BO got elected.

I personally wouldn’t give two plug nickels to have dinner with either one of the narcissistic progressives. This is just another example of what the Dems think of their constituents; bribe ’em with a celebrity (after all, who wouldn’t be willing to give money for a chance at a dinner with 2 stars.) You’d think Obama would be insulted by this. It is reminiscent of the old “lunch box” raffles where you got to eat with the lady that prepared the lunch. Does the deal include a picture too, how about a hug, a kiss? If I give lots of money, does Clooney sleep with me? That’s the level this gimmick is on – guess Obama’s campaign is taking lessons from the Secret Service.

Clooney might consider his film career is on the downswing, same can be said for Alec Baldwin, and both might be looking at a political career in their future. Self-absorbed Hollywood types most always believe their own press clippings and as long as they have fans who drool all over themselves when they are in their presence these actors will always think of themselves as something more special, and their view points are more serious, and their causes are more important. Reality is sometimes hard to distinguish when you’re an adult working in a make believe scripted world of play acting.

What’s next?

Why, Michelle will be raffling off tickets for rides aboard air force one for exotic locale shopping trips with the first lady and a “Let Them Eat Cake Walk” will be held on the south lawn of the white house.

Yep—- they have just about degraded each and every thing once held sacred by a president and first lady.
I’d be embarrassed for them, but I want them voted out in November so I hope they keep up these trashy, common shenanigans.

Will be having more fun passing kidney stones. Sorry Guys.


Hollywood Tool George Clooney – President Obama has been “doing a great job” in office

Daily Caller

After testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Oscar winner and political activist George Clooney told The Daily Caller that President Barack Obama has been “doing a great job” in office.

He’s been doing a great job,” Clooney told The DC while The DC and others in the crowd were being pushed away.

First, why would we care what deep liberal, Hollywood elite has to say???  More Americans know what a dismal job Obama has and is doing.  The millions of lost jobs, lies, cronyism like never before, known kickbacks, the trillions of OUR taxpayer dollars WASTED on his ‘bogus’ programs, his serious radical associations, no drilling policies which has increased gas prices, divided this country with his racist rants and set back race relations for years to come, wrong messages sent to foreign governments, his ‘cowering’ to these foreign nations, unions in his pocket, approves of Occupy and its $$$ spent to keep these left wing liberals going, OBAMACARE that will cost this country 3 times what was projected and the biggest percentage who do not want it… and these are just a few of what this President has done.  I couldn’t begin to put ALL of his negatives in this e-mail because it would take too long!!!!  SO, again, a rich, elite Hollywood actor says Obama is doing a good job.  I SURE AS HELL DON’T AGREE… AND DON’T CARE WHAT HE OR THE OTHER ELITES THINK!!!

George – when you get your head out of your ass, come and talk to us.

 Apparently you like his elitism – probably fits your style.  Certainly you and other Hollywood elites can appreciate that he took the prime minister of Great Britain to a Basketball game on our dime.

 Does it bother any of you elites that Obama spends the majority of his time campaigning, going on vacations, sleeping late, starting the work day in the late mornings or early afternoons – does that sit well with you?

George Clooney is not a good role model for America so who would take what he has to say very seriously? He should marry the girl he is living with and stop acting like a knucklehead. It is time George grew up and set a good example for younger Americans.  If George likes a President who is anti-life and believes it is okay to take the lives of innocent unborn babies for any ole reason and that all human life is not precious and who also attacks the freedom of religion a basic foundation of our Nation one has to wonder if he has all his marbles.  Vote Republican in 2012.