VP Joey McMensa: “Osama bin Laden is dead. GM is alive.”

What about the Pakistani doctor, Dr. Shakil Afridi gave the US the information on bin Laden?  He is currently in jail for 33 years for treason.

And GM is alive? Well to be charitable, the UAW is alive, the bondholders and stockholders are not. So does that indicate GM is still on ‘life support’?

Other notable accomplishments:

Eric Holder is still Attorney General
The Wise Latina and Shorty Kagan are permanently on the Supreme Court and John Roberts has been “turned”.
Kathleen Sebelius is still Secretary of HHS.
Janet Napolitano is still in charge of Homeland Harassment.
Drilling is still banned and Keystone cancelled.
Race relations are continuing to deteriorate.

Also, first president to have a kill list that includes American citizens. He’s got to be proud of that.

First president to bow to a bunch of foreign leaders. Keeps that debt growing and we will all get to bow to a lot of foreigners.

The Stimulus Bill…the largest expenditure of funds in a single bill…ever.

At least until ObamaCare came along. The bill that spent more money and raised more taxes that any piece of legislation. Ever.

Barack should be so proud. And yet his work isn’t done yet, and he had time to significantly drop his golf handicap.
Obama really is the “plastic trophy” president. We learn that he has tried so hard, that he cares so much, and his accomplishments are so muted because he was presented with massively difficult problems (from George Bush, of course).

So his two great accomplishments should justify his re-election.

Kind of like the relief pitcher sent into a game with the score 0 to 5, (so how could he be expected to win the game in a brief 4 innings)?

And Obama wants to be put into the hall of fame for his meager efforts.
Maybe the Nobel Committee could make him their first double winner.

Right now, those who have supported this are beating their chests and wanting the chance to do more of the same, for the next two days. Note the lack of National debt talk; or plans put forward; as they swill their Kool-Aid.



Chevy Volt – Building a Better Tomorrow – Absolutely Hilarious video


Obama thinks the American People should pay lots more taxes to subsidize a $40k car that operates like a $17k car that gets less than 40 miles per charge so that 1%’ers making an average salary of $170k/year can buy it.

Why are we subsidizing the rich for a crappy car that is overpriced and doesn’t even do what it advertises it should???

This is what happens when Soviet-style Central Planners try to manage the economy.

The Chevy Volt IS the Obama presidency. They both suck and are incapable of doing what they’re supposed to do.

From Big Government:

Another pristine example of “Obama’s economic policies have failed.”

 And if you want a microcosm of Obama’s failed presidency, of his ridiculous approach to economic policy, look no further than the Chevy Volt. The sticker price on a Volt is $40,000, but the cars are so technologically challenged that each one is subsidized to the tune of approximately $250,000. Now that’s Obama-nomics in a nutshell: Brag about your car company’s $40,000 electric car, but never mention that the $40,000 price tag costs tax payers a quarter of a million dollars per car.

 To date, Obama has spent approximately $3,000,000,000.00 subsidizing Volts. And what have the American people gotten in return? A car that only a handful of people want and that has a tendency to catch on fire while sitting in the garages of the few purchasers Obama’s been able to scrounge up.

 No wonder this guy has our economy in the tank.

Chevy sold a boat load of Corvairs, not the best thing that ever came off Detroit’s assembly line, because they were economical and priced right. Nobody in their right mind is going to buy a car that can only go 40 miles and pay forty grand for the damn thing. Nice way to make a tax write off Obama Motors. Cut the price to about $10 grand and you might sell a few to college students

The result of the obscene mishandling of all economic matters by this president and administration. Not a single brain cell to be found among them in spite of all Obama’s ‘feel good’ rhetoric about ‘green energy’ being the future. Hoax and chains.

Solyndra on wheels. This makes no sense whatsoever. We should be drilling for oil and developing our natural gas resources. Go nuclear. They should rebadge this car as the Gore instead of the Volt. Green or sustainable energy is a fraud that is perpetrated on taxpayers and utility rate payers all over the world by radical environmentalists and opportunists like Al Gore.

Find it ironic how Obama insists on raising taxes on the rich and big corporations, unless they create green energy products (such as GE and GM) which complement his agenda, then they ironically don’t have to pay ANY taxes. Instead, they get subsidized on behalf of the taxpayers while this administration gambles on unpopular electric cars and failing solar energy companies when the country’s infrastructure is crumbling, water remains contaminated and the country is suffocated and oppressed of a domestic oil and natural gas energy policy.

So Detroit goes from being Motor City to Battery Bayou. This is a perfect example of Government Enterprise instead of private enterprise. The government taxes people making $40,000 per year to build and sell a $250,000 car for $39,000 that only the rich want to buy. Good job Obama. Just think the average Union employee at GM makes twice more than the Volt will sell for.

The Chevy volt is Obama’s wasted multi-billion dollar Edsel.

Reason Number 562 I will NEVER Buy a GM Car Again

Sorry General Motors moves like this seal the deal with me….

From Bloomberg:

General Motors will invest $109 million in its operations in Flint and Bay City , Mich., to support engine production for current and future fuel-efficient small cars produced for the U.S. market. The investment will protect or add 96 jobs at the two sites.

“This investment marks the second major increase in engine and engine component output in less than six months – a sign that GM is moving quickly to meet growing demand for more fuel-efficient cars,” said Terri Burden, Flint Engine Operations plant manager.

In November 2010, GM announced plans to invest $151 million and protect 143 jobs at the Flint and Bay City plants. The latest investment is part of a $2 billion investment to create or retain more than 4,000 hourly and salaried jobs at 17 facilities in eight states.

“This additional GM investment in the Ecotec engine is a testament to all the UAW Local 599 members who have worked so hard to make the 1.4-liter engine America‘s first choice,” said Terry Everman, chairman of UAW Local 599 at Flint Engine Operations.

Of the $109 million, $84 million will be used at Flint to increase 1.4-liter engine capacity. Bay City’s investment of $25 million is for connecting rods and camshafts used in the engine.

SO, this comes to about $1,135,416.60 a job.

Does the UAW understand that people are little pissed at them about things like this?

I am sure Michael Moore and his little band of Socialists will come by and give the UAW a big slap in the back, even pick up the bar tab as well.