Lamestream Media Bags Herman Cain in High Tech Lynching and puts his head above the Fireplace

On Saturday, December 3rd Republican candidate Herman Cain suspended his bid for the Republican presidential nomination to avoid continued news coverage of allegations of sexual misconduct that is hurtful to his family.

“I am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued distractions and the continued hurt caused on me and my family,” Cain told several hundred supporters gathered at what was to have been the opening of his national campaign headquarters.

Cain’s announcement came five days after an Atlanta-area woman claimed she and Cain had an affair for more than a decade, a claim that followed several allegations of sexual harassment against the Georgia businessman.

“But because of these false and unproved accusations, it has paid and had a tremendous painful price on my family,” Cain said, with his wife, Gloria, standing behind him on the stage.

The liberal press, which covered up and defended for Bill Clinton and John Edwards, has taken another Republican scalp.

There’s nothing that Cain could have done to survive once the MSM started attacking him.   Nothing.  And Cain won’t be the last person to go down under their attacks.  My guess is that Newt will be the next GOP candidate to be taken out because he’s now doing better than Romney (the media’s preferred GOP candidate).  Watch and see.

If they decided to turn on him, even Obama would be done for in less than a month.

It’s the media and not the public who decides who the candidates for president will be.  We’re all being led by the nose.

This is just another nail, in the coffin of the MSM. Whether this is true or not, the burden of proof seems to be so much lower, for the press to do a story on a Republican than it is on a Democrat. Just look at what it took for the MSM to print anything about John Edwards!!!

Republicans will never get the same coverage as Democrats to them might as well either toughen up or stay out. If Romney were more Conservative, he’d be getting the same coverage but he’s the MSM’s favorite Republican so they just aren’t digging yet. They will, when it’s election time and their favorite candidate needs their assistance. Until that time, they want to make sure they get the candidate they feel will be the easiest to beat and also, if it doesn’t happen, they can live with at the same time and for them, that candidate is Romney.

As for the MSM, now we get to endure the smug bragging from the likes of Brian Williams and Chris Matthews as they act like they were responsible for bringing down some kind of reprehensible criminal as opposed to engaging in a campaign of libel designed to help one of the worst Presidents we’ve ever had stay in office for another four miserable years.

It occurs to me that liberals are very much like jihadists. In Islamic countries, it’s not uncommon for Muslims to be tried and executed for the crime of apostasy. An apostate is a Muslim who converts to another religion. In our own country, although the punishment isn’t as severe, it mirrors the way that liberals tar and feather black conservatives. If those on the Left had the authority of Iran’s mullahs, would anyone be terribly surprised if they condemned the likes of Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Walter Williams, Condoleezza Rice and Herman Cain, for crimes against the party?

This is truly a modern day lynching–21st Century style. The media set up the tree, Axelrod grabbed the rope and the public stood around with nothing to do but kick the horse.

I feel bad for Mr. Cain. But I feel sad for America. Obama cries racism at the sound of a bell and in cahoots with a free press systematically destroys a viable presidential candidate with what adds up to nothing more than gossip.

It’s a sad day indeed.



Throwing in the Towel on Herman Cain

Sorry Mr. Cain I really admire and genuinely like you.  But after this story of a 13 year affair with another woman it’s too much.  If this is a left wing conspiracy to trash you please get everyone on your staff on the case NOW and provide the evidence that it is as soon as possible.  Otherwise, I need to go find another candidate.

David Brody at CBN explains it best:

It’s one thing to have someone accuse you of sexual harassment. That’s damaging just by itself. It’s quite another to have three more come out of the woodwork. And now we have the story of a 13-year affair with another woman. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is too much. The writing is on the wall and it spells disaster for Herman Cain’s candidacy. This seems to be just too much to overcome. When you’re lawyer comes out with a statement that basically says the alleged affair is none of anybody’s business, I think most voters would beg to differ. It’s called a character issue and whether its reality or perception the train has left the station and it ain’t coming back.

Call me a sadist but I want Obama defeated, crushed and made into a cube in 2012 and with this new set of charges, Herman Cain will not be able to do this.

My candidate list for the GOP nomination is as follows:

1)      Newt Gingrich

2)      Rick Perry

3)      Michele Bachmann

4)      Rick Santorum

5)      Mitt Romney

6)      Herman Cain

7)      Ron Paul (If we must!!)

Sorry Mr. Cain, I really like you and you would make a Kick-Ass Presidente but....

MSDNC’s Martin Bat***t “Cain is a Dirty Old Man”. And you, Martin, seem like an ill-informed, proud-of-your-ignorance, Kool-Aid-drinking, buffoon, but hey…..

Bashir noted Cain’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and warned viewers not to be “seduced” by Cain’s abilities.

“The sober facts are not so funny,” Bashir said. “One woman has now come forward — she says without any financial incentive — to describe an appalling incident in a car when Herman Cain allegedly put his hand up her skirt and forced her head towards his groin. Two women have received tens of thousands of dollars; each after complaining about Herman Cain’s sexualized behavior. And each day, it seems, a new allegation arises against him. Because Mr. Cain is such a showman, because he preaches the need for a sense of humor, it’s easy for us to be seduced by his rapid-fire one liners, his singing of ‘imagine there’s no pizza,’ and his smoking chief of staff. It’s all good fun. But while Mr. Cain’s campaign might be a joke, his conduct — his alleged conduct — is not. In fact, as the accusations pile up, Mr. Cain seems less funny by the day and more like a dirty old man.”

Bashir’s Monologue is here

SO, let’s see, with Herman Cain we have a woman who lives in David Axelrod’s building and another whose son works for Politico? Each waits 14 years to suddenly come to the realization that there’s this thing that needs to be said about Herman. No EEOC charges, no police reports, just old dust balls from under the bed that need to suddenly be pulled out for the world to see. With Clinton we had a blue stained dress; with Weiner we had photos and texts, with Edwards a baby with his DNA. With Cain we have a woman that has been bankrupt twice, a record of numerous frivolous law suits and another woman who works for Obama’s Big Government and will speak only in the company of other women so the message can be what…amplified? Choreographed?? Or maybe in hopes that a feeding frenzy will occur?? And now we have God’s gift to news reporting…Martin Bashir opening his pie hole to say Herman Cain is a dirty old man? If good ole Marty would take his head out of his backside and actually examine what passes for evidence he might start forming a credible thought. Otherwise, the biggest problem Bashir has is the fatty piece of meat between his ears.

The key word here is “FACT”.
Fact. One accuser works in the Obama Administration.
Fact. Her son works for Politico, who started this smear campaign.
Fact. One Accuser Lived in the same apartment building as David Axelrod.
Fact. She has engaged in extorting men for money before.
Fact. She is desperate for money, and has shown in the past she will go to any length to get it.
Fact. Martin Bashir is a lying tool of the State-Run media, a lackey of the Democratic Party, and a clear example of why we need to tighten our immigration laws.

 Hey Marty,

How do I know that Barack Obama is not a dirty old man or far worse? Just because you say it isn’t so? And just because a few skanks stand up in front of microphones does not do anything to convince me the Mr. Cain is something he is not, and even if he partially is, at some point I’ve got to start playing by your rules and not care.

When one considers the challenges we face it does not take a rocket scientist to calculate that I would rather have Mr. Cain in the Oval office then Mr. Obama, no matter where they like to place their peckers.

Hey Marty,
You’re clueless.
Go Home!



Media Hound Progressive Shrill Lawyer Gloria Allred Digs up Woman from Chicago to Trash out Herman Cain

From Big Goverment

Sharon Bialek, a woman from Chicago who describes herself as a registered Republican, became the fourth woman to accuse GOP front-runner Herman Cain of sexual harassment, and the first to do so with specific allegations.

Though she wasn’t an employee of Mr. Cain’s at the time, according to a statement she read today during a press conference with her attorney Gloria Allred, Ms. Bialek claims Mr. Cain groped her after they shared a 1997 dinner together and that he wanted sexual favors in exchange for his help in finding a job.

I have been playing the scenario as described by Ms. Bialek in my mind and I am finding it very hard to see how what she describes of the actions by Mr. Cain to be very possible or comfortable to do. Picture this, a man in the driver seat and a woman in the passenger seat. He reaches over, with which arm, to put his hand up her dress to grope her privates. He then reaches over, at the same time, with what arm, to pull her head into his crotch. What about the steering wheel? What about the console? Is what she describes even physically possible?  

 Five reasons why Herman Cain makes the libs dump bricks in their collective pants:

 Problem Solver v. Problem Creator;
Classical Capitalist v. Classical Marxist;
Self Made Man v. “Dreams From My Father”;
Speech Maker v. Speech Reader;
Constitution re-reader v. Constitution re-writer.

Things that make me suspicious about these new claims: One, her lawyer is media hound-ambulance chaser Gloria Allred. Two, the woman refuses to bring charges in court for someone trying to get sex for a deal, but plays the media court for all the money she can get, equally has the trial in the media, no jury, she makes a fortune giving appearances on different news shows disappears and the final benefit, she hopes to help Romney her candidate of choice… It all comes back to think for yourself…In this case the smoke/fire is the money this woman hopes to make bringing down Cain.

 Once I saw Gloria Allred this accuser lost all credibility. I predict Cain will lose a couple of points, but he will stay in the lead going into the primaries. We are down to 4: Cain, Romney, Gingrich and Perry. I don’t expect that to change until the first few primaries are over and with the Holidays coming up no one will be paying much attention to politics.

 Lawyers solicit women to make false sexual harassment claims for the simple reason that they make money. The Federal government encouraged liars, hookers, and other assorted garbage to set up anyone with a dollar! They only ask for hearsay, no proof at all.

Since lawyers are the biggest donation bloc for the Democrats, the Marxists made it easier for lawyers to cook up fraudulent shakedown schemes and steal.

Gloria Allred is a crook, and a Marxist thief. SHE COMMITS EXTORTION FOR A LIVING.

 Vapid liberal reporter: “Mr. Cain, what do you have to say about……”

How Cain should respond:

“Why aren’t you reporting on Obama’s reluctance to disclose documents related to the Solyndra scandal?”

“When was the last time you did an investigative piece on Democrats or Obama and his admin?”

“Are you simply a smear merchant for the Democrat Party?”

Some of the Republican candidates (Huntsman, Romney, Perry) seem to be enjoying the current smear campaign against Cain, mostly because they think they can benefit from it. They (and we) should all bear in mind that WHOMEVER the eventual Republican candidate is, this current smear campaign is just a small taste of what will happen when he goes up against Obama in the general election. If we allow the libtard press to dictate our choice of candidate to be manipulated by their smear machines then we simply ensure that the smears will grow worse and more numerous against any and all Republican candidates.

If I could give Cain advice it would be to take this opportunity to highlight what little scrutiny Obama received from liberal cheerleaders in the media. Whenever asked a question related to this he should ask why the media never bothered to question Obama over his ties to a domestic terrorist. Ask the media would they have given Bush a pass if he were friends with someone who bombed an abortion clinic? Do this every time. Point out their hypocrisy on their turf to their audience. Most recognize the liberal media as fringe propagandists which is reflected in the ratings. Try and bury the media under their own hypocrisy and double standards…

My Take on Herman Cain

Blogger’s Note:  Herman Cain has my vote for President. I have a Herman Cain Bumper Sticker, I have a Herman Cain T-Shirt and I have given $250 to his campaign so far and if I can find some more spare change in the couch cushions, I will gladly give more. 

 Stacy Washington @ Big Journalism hits it on the head with this article…

The DeBlackification of Herman Cain

By Stacy Washington @ Big Journalism

It is absolutely amazing to watch as the media continues to attempt the character assassination of Herman Cain, who is by all accounts a decent and honorable Christian family man. The most recent allegation leveled against him involves unsubstantiated claims of sexual harassment and invisible accusers. The game plan as of the third day is obvious. Level an attack with very few details and allow the candidate to tell the story and defend himself while you tear him down.

Cain is playing it straight and has shared details on an incident where he apparently compared the height of a female employee to that of his wife. In today’s world of undercarriage tweets, this does not rise to the level of sexual harassment. More to the point, if this is all that Cain’s detractors have against him, he may just be the cleanest candidate the left wing has ever seen!

Worlds apart–that is where we are right now. In the media’s view, we should respect John Edwards, who fathered a child with his political consultant while married to a woman fighting a losing battle with cancer. In the view of the left wing, a man with over 30 years of business experience should have to defend himself against spurious charges from unknown accusers while the President they never vetted takes notes.

While the libs inhabit “Race Card World,” Americans are asking: where was Politico during the Obama campaign? Where are Obama’s transcripts from kindergarten on up through law school? Where are his college girlfriends? For that matter, media outlets, could you please produce any person that knew Obama from any time in his past? The double standard is unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated.

 Herman Cain is a nightmare to the Dems if he is the nominee. He will wipe the floor with Obama and he will get a large share of the Black vote. A successful Cain presidency would bring many more black voters into the Republican fold.

The problem is that the Republican establishment doesn’t want Cain either. He is going to get hammered from both sides. This is the people’s election. If Cain can win the nomination, he will be our next president.

 The reason Democrats will be challenged in all elections come November will be due to the overt racism that many will now see and the fact that so much of the party’s platform is not mainstream any more. What many earners could once see as programs to help society have now been exposed for what they are – redistribution without regard to effectiveness. Failed education is just one symptom. Their solution is simply MORE money. Creating envy of wealth is all that remains as a means to stir enough emotion.

 The Democrat Party continues their tradition of owning plantations. They are the party of free room and board as long as one does not leave the plantation. With willing overseers like Jesse Jackson, Cornell West, etc. they ensure that people stay on the plantation.

When are Americans going to see what happens to a person when they leave the Democrat Party as no different than what happened years ago when a person left the plantation? When are Americans going to see that Marxism, in all its various forms (Communism, Socialism, Progressivism, etc.), has never worked throughout all of history?

Herman Cain has lived the American Dream… Liberals have to Hate him because he has succeed through hard work and perseverance from the personal character instilled in him by his parents and the strength of his own family…

Liberals don’t and will never roll that way…


Harry Belafonte Commits Grand Felony Moonbattery on the Joyless Behar Show

Talking about Herman Cain:

“It’s very hard to comment on someone who is so denied intelligence,” Belafonte said, “someone who has denied such a view of history.”

“Because he happened to have good fortune hit him, he had a moment where he broke through … does not make him the authority of the plight of people with color.”

But Belafonte was just getting started.

“The Republican party, the Tea Party, all those forces to the extreme right have consistently tried to come up with representations of what they call black, what they call the real negroes,” he says, citing Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell.

“Herman Cain is just the latest incarnation of what is totally false to the needs of our community, and the needs of our nation. I think he’s a bad apple, and people should look at his hole card, he’s not what he says he is.”

When Behar tells her guest Cain doesn’t have a prayer in the presidential election Belafonte responds, ‘”I don’t think prayers were created for him.’

First of all Harry, I have got a few questions for you:
1. As a civil rights activist, why are you bashing Herman Cain?

2. As the child of a Jamaican Mother and Martiniquais Father, you too were able to assume the American Dream of earning a rich and free lifestyle, correct?

3. As a top 1%’er, do you pay the minimum or the maximum in taxes on your investments? Do you supplement your tax bill voluntarily with an overpayment amount to help support the poor and downtrodden in the US? OR, do you donate your money to countries and people other than the US?

 Herman Cain has a wrong view of history? Which party fought for segregation? Which party fought to keep blacks from voting? Which party created the Ku Klux Klan? Which party wrote the Jim Crow laws? Which party tried to filibuster civil rights legislation? Democrats.

Frederick Douglas was a Republican, as was Martin Luther King, Jr. I guess they had a wrong view of history as well and for your information, Mr. Belafonte fortune didn’t “hit” Cain. He worked hard for what he has achieved.

 Belafonte’s attitude toward Herman Cain is typical of the left-wing attitude toward people who are successful (at least people they don’t like). It’s never due to them being smart or working hard; it’s always due to “luck.” Of course, it does explain why they believe in extra-high taxes for the wealthy. After all, why should someone benefit just because they were lucky and other people weren’t?

The father of Alan Jay Lerner, the lyricist for “My Fair Lady” was once approached by someone after that show became a hit on Broadway who said, “Your son is certainly a lucky boy!” Mr. Lerner replied, “Yeah, that’s a funny thing about Alan, the harder he works, the luckier he gets!”

 Mr. Belafonte is a singer. Mr. Cain is a success story. Let Mr. Belafonte be a Lefty Moonbat and sing, and let Mr. Cain succeed. The nation is better off that way.

 Come, Mr. Tally-man,
Old Harry’s gone bananas.

Why I Proudly Endorse Herman Cain for President

I like Herman Cain because he is NOT another politician. I like Herman Cain because he is not a high IQ intellectual like Biden. (Just ask him)  I like Herman Cain because he is a business man. I am tired of lawyers and professional politicians running the country into the ground. We don’t need globally smart connected prima donnas. WE NEED SOMEONE TO LEGISLATE FOR THE BLUE COLLAR GUY AND GAL WHO MAKE THIS COUNTRY WHAT IT IS. I am sick and tired of seeing this country pander to the world while the world shovels excrement on us. We can protect ourselves here at home. Bring our troops home gracefully and with honor and let the rest of the global turds deal with life on their own.

The people elected dumb and dumber in 2008.  The progressives are now being exposed for the race baiters that they are.  The election of Herman Cain would give African Americans a true role model to emulate, one who would espouse and embodies real hope and change.

The fact that Herman Cain who grew up in the deep south, the son of two “cleaning/janitor” parents, went to an all black college, fought his way up the ladder, experienced racism, overcame it, achieved success at almost every turn in his life, and STILL turned out to be a very conservative man, shows that he is of the staunchest moral character. I would trust him, I would vote for him, and if he gets the R nomination, I WILL vote for him.

He is the only one who owes no one anything. He owes no favors. I’m not saying that he never had any help in his career, we all get a boost once in a while, but he earned his stripes. I really like this guy. He is the only man I would actually enjoy having into my house for dinner.

Most of all I want to see Herman Cain v. Barack Obama debate to the finish.