A few Words about Women whom stay at home to Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen

Hilary Rosen – who has visited the White House more than 35 times – attacked Ann Romney, mother of five boys, for “never work[ing] a day in her life.”  Just when we thought the left couldn’t get more insensitive and condescending toward conservative women and derisive of the concept of motherhood, the Democrats’ narrative about a supposed GOP “war on women” gets exposed to reveal the long-standing, patronizing, and extremely abusive feminist “war on conservative women.”

A stay at home Mom indicates there is also a Dad who has a job, sometimes two, and they both sacrifice to raise their children to be productive adults. Numerous studies have shown that two parent households lead to children with better grades, less problems with drugs and alcohol, and fewer criminal convictions

 Contrast those kids with kids raised by the government: Single mothers, absent fathers, welfare, Section 8 housing subsidies, food stamps, Head Start, schools used for nothing other than babysitting services. US Education Secretary Arne Duncan reports that 75% of young people are ineligible for military service because of bad grades, drug and alcohol problems, and criminal convictions. If they are ineligible for military service they are most certainly ineligible for a job.

 The biggest failed policy of the past 50 years is LBJ’s Great Society which has created three generations of Americans not only unable to care for themselves, but unable to have a positive impact on society.

As for the suposed “apology” this is typical liberal doubletalk she apologised for any offense taken, not for her illwill towards women who stay home to raise their children.   Her words were clear in intent and thought,  Ann Romney is married to a wealthy man and stayed home to raise her 5 sons which in Rosen’s warped world view does not amount to anything resembling “a day’s work in her life”.  Even ignoring the fact that Ann Romney has been dealing with cancer and MS on top of raising her boys,  Rosen has in this one sitting openly disparaged all women everywhere who stay home to raise their children because their husbands have the means to accomodate it.  The words were clear, they‘re weren’t “poorly chosen” or “misspoken”.   Rosen’s words said exactly what Rosen believes..that women who choose to stay home to raise their kids because their husbands can afford it have not done a “hard day’s work in their lives”.