Jay Carney Doubles Down on Obama Spending Fairy Tale Bulls**t

Yes Jay your boss inherited the largest deficit at the TIME on 1/20/09 from George W Bush.  That is a given.  Why didn’t someone in this Brainiac administration think to maybe, just maybe either cut the spending or at the very least KEEP the spending at 2008 levels, instead of continuing to spend like Drunken Sailors on Leave – all due respect to Drunken Sailors.

Graphs don’t lie son and the GOP has a nice one for you:

 The sad thing is that with this type of wild ass spending Barack Obama should have been thinking seriously about pulling a “Lyndon B Johnson” and taking himself out of the race.  Nope, not BHO, not the Anointed One, not the Media Creation of CNNNBCCBSMSNBCABC and Oprah Winfrey.  Can’t have that.  The Emperor needs to have another four years to prove conclusively without a doubt that he really has no F***KING clothes.


Obama Shill Jay Carney Blames ObamaCare Unpopularity on Attack Ads

FoxNews Channel

Fox News’ Ed Henry asked WH press secretary Jay Carney if low ObamaCare poll data were an indication of the American public not ‘buying it’.

 Carney suggests that dismal polling data the result of ‘hundreds of millions of dollars that were spent attacking

The Heritage Foundation points out 10 additional bad provisions that most people are completely unaware of:

It increases taxes on families earning over $250,000.

It adds a new tax on investment income.

It imposes new limitations on those with Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts.

It adds a new tax on those who purchase medical devices.

It penalizes marriage by allowing for more taxpayer-funded subsidies for single individuals.

It violates religious liberty.

It puts Medicare decisions in the hands of an unelected board.

It imposes a premium tax on health insurers.

It creates a new, unsustainable entitlement program.

It puts over half of all Americans on a government program.

Liberals just can’t accept the truth that their landmark legislation is a mountain of horse crapola!  They refused to incorporate ANY Republican ideas, in point of fact told the Republicans to sit in a corner because THEY were going to write the Bill.  They passed it like thieves in the night after cobbling together enough lies and bribes to get a majority, and they passed it in spite of its rejection at numerous town hall meetings.  People despise the legislation on its lack of merit.

Apparently since Mr. Carney was not on the job as chief propagandist when Nancy passed it so we can see what is in it, he forgets there was no massive negativity ad campaign.  People just didn’t want it or approve of it then, yet, it was thrust upon us anyway.  Newsflash for the current admin, Americans who are not on the gov’t dole sitting in front of MSM propaganda all day long isn’t buying it.  We are the ones who actually pay taxes and we are tired of it, get these people off their A$$3$ and get them to contribute.  Jeez, even FDR’s new deal made folks contribute

Most of the people who voted for Obama love free stuff … which isn’t actually free; it’s just paid for by someone else.

The fact is, the “Affordable Care Act” does nothing to make health care more affordable. It doesn’t make health care more accessible. All it does is make health care more under the control of the Federal Government … a Federal Government that has proven time-after-time-after-time that it is not capable of efficiently or effectively managing big programs … especially big entitlements.

The closer the management of a product is to the consumers of that product, the more efficient and effective that management will be. The Federal Government is the worst possible choice to manage health care … or education … or energy … or just about anything else you can think of.