We owe Mitt Romney a Big ASS apology

Neal Cavuto 

Fox News Channel

He said Russia was our biggest threat. And it was.

That Vladimir Putin would emerge the world’s greatest danger. And he has.

Claimed the West’s growing energy dependence would be its security un-doing, and it has.

Said our not getting Keystone completed here would put us in the same boat and it also has.

Claimed the health care law was too good to be true. And it was.

Apologized for saying 47 percent of people in this country not paying taxes was inelegantly put, even though it was accurate.

That he meant to focus on how that 47 percent figure came to be, but was not covered that way at all.

He was out to lunch. And the media was eating his lunch.

There’s a lot that Mitt Romney said for which he was laughed at in the media.

I’m just wondering where’s the mea culpa to the Mormon now from the media?

Because he’s proven so prescient on all these developments ignored by the media.

I can see the president not wanting to admit his challenger was right.

But why’s the media that blindly laughed along with him still playing dumb?

Wrong. Very wrong.

And very offensive.

They say the hardest thing to do in public life is admit a mistake.

Mitt Romney found that out the hard way even when he did admit a mistake

But would it kill anyone in the media, these 16 months later to admit they made a mistake?



A-Hole Bartender whom filmed Mitt Romney’s 47% video comes forward and talks to Ed “Just Got Bumped to Weekends on MesSNBC” Schultz

Daily Mail

The man who secretly filmed the infamous ’47  percent’ video of Mitt Romney has finally come forward and explained why he  decided to wade into the presidential dogfight.

Scott Prouty publicly admitted that he was  the bartender who released the footage of Republican presidential candidate Mitt  Romney speaking at a private fundraiser and he said that the motivating reason  behind the move was so that all Americans could see the ‘true’ Romney.

‘Frankly the people that were there that  night, they paid $50,000 per person for a dinner. I grew up in a blue collar  area of Boston,’ Mr Prouty said in an interview with MSNBC’s Ed  Schultz.

‘There’s a lot of people who can’t afford to  pay $50,000 for one night, for one dinner… I felt an obligation for all of the  people who can’t afford to be there.

First, “Mr.” Prouty you broke the Florida Wiretap Law that prohibits the recording of anyone  without their knowledge in a private setting. You should have charges filed  against you to the fullest extent of the law!.

Second, okay dude you got what you wanted an Obama victory thanks to your “obligation for all of the  people who can’t afford to be there”.  However, you probably don’t realize that if Mitt Romney had won, there would be no sequester, the continued hemorraging of the national debt and deficit would have stopped and we wouldn’t be selling military gear and jets to the Egyptians.

There also would have been a tax cut for businesses thus generating more jobs and also thus the economy would have started getting better.

Also, Mitt Romney would not have drawn a salary as President saving the government whatever it is $250,000 a year.

ObamaCare would be on its way to the shredder by now.  People would be less fearful of losing their jobs or having their hours cut at work because of their Employer’s ObamaCare expense.  Granny would not thrown over the cliff, we would not have dirty air and water, etc.

Mitt Romney would have TRIED and probably succeeded to bring the parties together in Congress to come up with a budget and the appropriate cuts.  A budget seems to be a foreign concept to Dems because they did not submit one in over four years until this week.

Instead of the President playing Golf with Tiger Woods and vacationing continuously, Mitt Romney would not have taken a vacation until the work in Washington was done.  Paul Ryan would be hard at work on the business of the country.  “Crazy Uncle” Joe Biden would be talking to walls in Delaware hallucinating that he could run for President in 2016.

But you had to bring an illegally taped video to the people because in your warped view of the world it was necessary.  So now we have President Panic, taxes going up, deficit going up to $20 Trillion (That’s 20 followed by 12, count ’em 12 zeroes) by 2016 and people chomping at their collective bits trying to figure out if they will be working tomorrow or roasting rats over an open flame in a garbage can.

Enjoy your high five with Eddie, someday my friend  maybe you will realize just exactly what you have done.

Ed Schultz

Things I learned from the 2012 Elections

Here are a couple of things I took away from the 2012 Elections:

1)       That for $900,000,000 you can run ads that make a productive, God-Fearing, Moralistic man seem like a lowest form of pond scum and get millions of people to believe it.

2)      That MesSNBC is lower than Whale Dung in the Mariana’s Trench.

3)      The rest of the MSM is a couple of feet above MesSNBC.

4)      That Americans for the most part have absolutely NO self-esteem.  Most of them want to be gang-raped by Obama’s Cabal for another four years.

5)      I still cannot find any redeeming things about Barack Obama that would even make me consider voting for him.

6)      That John Boehner is the king of RINO’s – Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House.

7)      Even in winning Libs, Progressives are still the biggest assholes on the planet.

8)      Mitt Romney was the right person to run for the GOP to run for President.

9)      That PJTV really helped me get over my despair after Obama won.  The $39.95 for the members only membership was the best $39.95 invested in the last two or three years.  Bill Whittle, Scott Ott, Steve Green, Alfonzo Rachel, Steven Kruiser, etc .  absolutely rock.

10)   Mitt Romney should have gone into the deepest, Obama supporter Ghetto in Philadelphia or Detroit with Security and given a stump speech there.

11)   Mitt Romney should have gone on Bill O’Reilly twice.  Once before the debates and once after. Bill would have been tough but fair and Romney may have picked a few hundred thousand more votes.

12)   Keep away from Family strife do not have a Romney v Obama argument when your sister is in the Chicago Teachers Union and your brother is in the Railroad Workers union.  You may win but there will be collateral damage that hopefully will be healed by Christmas.

13)   That sometime in the not too distant past the Democrats sold their collective souls to Satan.

14)   That David Axelrod as much as an asshole as he is, did a good job with the ground game for Obama.  Would I want him on my team?  NO.

15)   That we Conservatives and Tea Partiers need to stop the period of mourning ASAP pick our collective asses up and get back behind the wheel immediately for 2014 and beyond.

16)   That all of the Dem big government, debt spending policies is going to bite them back in the ass HARD.  It may take a lot of good people down with it.  But in the end Conservatism will rule the day and for a long time after that.

What might happen if Mitt Romney wins tonight….

If Romney wins the media will claim that racism is alive and well in America in 2012. The undertone will be that people in polls claimed that they were going to vote Obama but in the privacy of the voting booth they couldn’t help but revert to their historical racist tendencies.

I do believe that many people will vote for Romney in private after supporting Obama publicly… but mainly because they fear the direction our country is moving under Obama. I even imagine that several of the MesSNBC talking heads might switch… does anybody really believe that Chris Mathews believes… or remembers… half the things he says on air.

Even the usual racism shirkers are going to have a hard time claiming that a group of voters who voted for Obama in 2008 refused to vote for him in 2012 on the basis of racism. Those switchers suddenly realized he was (half) black? No, they realized he was red.

I think 40% will vote for Obama no matter what. This includes all those who know who signs their paycheck so to speak. We can name them but the list is too long. This also includes the small special groups like gays and new immigrants. These people actually believe in “socialism”.

Another 3% to 5% will vote Obama because of ignorance.

Total 45%

To win will take voter fraud on a scale never seen before.

Will the DNC do it? Even if they know they will be caught?

I think, yes they will if it is only 1 or 2 states. If it is 5 or 7 or 9 states, then no they will not.

2% are going to vote for some other candidate for whatever reason.

53% are going to vote Romney.

It all boils down to how many votes the DNC can manufacture, without everyone knowing they cheated.

How many cities can they have a turnout of 105% before questions started being asked by normal everyday people?

What a Mitt Romney Presidency will look like…

For us to be treated as citizens rather than serfs.

Our hard-earned tax dollars, mine, and everyone else’s will be spent wisely and with due respect for the labor we invested in their earning.

Simple truth rather than blatant, ludicrous, moronic lies from our public servants.

Our federal government will not participate in prodigious numbers of murders in our name in both our nation and Mexico.

Those in high office will actually defend our nation against predatory Islam rather than squander still more American lives and uncounted trillions of dollars fighting unwinnable land wars all over Asia under suicidal rules of engagement.

That the president will offer us a birth certificate that’s not an obvious, sloppy forgery.

The Secretary of State will abstain from hiring a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood as her chief assistant.

Our intelligence and standards of justice won’t be insulted by gibberish about so-called “investments” in so-called “green energy” fantasy companies that promptly go bankrupt to the enrichment of so-called “bundlers” of campaign contributions.

That the Attorney General will enforce the law without flaunting overt racism and anti-Second Amendment bigotry and arranging secret financial and other deals with Mexican narcotics cartels.

There will be better vaunted “transparency” than trying to shove the American way into the reeking sewer of the Chicago way.

We want our nation back. Kindly don’t try to stand in our way.

Let Get them Elected and The Chicago Way politicians out of the White House!!!!

SOOO… What happens if President Food Stamps Wins?

If Barack Obama wins, he the president of “punish our enemies” and “voting is for revenge”, this could be the outcome:

1. Most people he will punish and extract revenge on are white business owners, in response they will lay off people, stop growing and stop spending. The economy will contract in a big way.

2. Unemployment will shoot to 8.5 % by end of winter. 9 % by summer.

3. Stock market plunges 25% by March.

4. Inflation kicks in as the dollar quickly collapses. Obamites on food stamps begin to riot since the price of soda, beer, crab legs and steak goes through the roof.

5. Embassies in Muslim countries will be attacked and overrun. There will be American hostages taken.

6. Price of gasoline will double, electric rates will triple and there will be shortages of all energy as the gestapo like EPA gets its way.

7. Housing prices plunge as a result of items 1 to 6.

8. The Main Stream Media continues to praise Barry even as quality health care becomes a thing of the past.

Vote Romney-Ryan on November 6th.

You know the MSM is getting desparate WHEN…… Chris Matthews Cheese has long left his Cracker…

After Thursday’s Night Presidential Debate Chris McTingly had this to say:

“I think they hate Obama. They want him out of the White House more than they want to destroy al Qaeda. Their No. 1 enemy in the world right now, on the right, is their hatred, hatred for Obama. And we can go into that about the white working class in the South and looking at these numbers we’re getting the last couple days about racial hatred in many cases … this isn’t about being a better president, they want to get rid of this president,” he said.

Hearing him throw another hissy-fit is sweet, sweet music to my ears. It means that he believes (as I do) that Obama lost.

No tingles, we are not motivated by racial hate for Obysmal! We’re motivated by our disgust at his race baiting, his class warfare rhetoric, his arrogance, and his incompetence! We are also motivated to rid ourselves of this Marxist infestation because you and you comrades in the press have become his cheerleaders instead of doing your job! You protect him at every turn! Your (and his) hypocrisy knows no bounds! Do you understand that you low life, pathetic, piece of Bovine Squanto?

Disgraced far left Chris Matthews is PROJECTING, Again, about his own Alinsky party that divides people, groups, or individuals…..

Pitting Group Against Group (women vs. men vs. old vs. minority vs. non-minority vs. rich vs. young) is a Leftist Alinsky ideal meant to dehumanize and individual based society and mass power to the Collectivist Party (hard left democrat party via nationalized health/finance bills in this case).

Some don’t understand why the President Poll numbers are even lower than they are, based on the reckless bills passed in 2010 (by the hard core democrats). Bill Clinton Stopped trying to pass the reckless Nationalized Health bill in the early 1990s, because his poll numbers keep dropping (when he pushed the health Bill).

Many people Oppose Ardent Left President Obama because of his policies, Like Nationalized Health Care (1st ever in the USA)

Many people Now understand that the Hard Left Democrats have Exploited the Historic Nature of the Obama Presidency to Pass the controversial nationalized health and finance control bills 2010, which are political bias bills that deny individual liberties (Read Bills for Reference). The Bills themselves is a road that consolidates power to the Leftist politicians, organizations, leftist media & Hollywood, committees, finance institutions, or unions.

If Romney wins on November 6, MesSNBC ratings will go through the roof.  Not because of the cough, cough “reporting”, everyone will tune in to see the massive crying because their dear leader has just been sent packing.