Why OWS was a total failure and the Headline you will never see..

One of the reasons “Occupy Wall Street” failed is that nothing came out of it. They pooped on cop cars, smoked dope, had drum circles and blamed the rich for their lot in life. I have yet to see the headline: “In a surprise finish Occupy Wall Street candidate Joe LivesInMomsBasement beats 3 term senator Harry Thisiswhyweneedtermlimits for the Democratic nomination.” We will never, ever see this or anything even close to it.

The TEA (Taxed Enough Already) party is all about individual freedom, limited government, lower taxation, the Constitution, so it’s no wonder they’re a threat to the establishment, which is rapidly driving this country into the ground.   That is why the Water Carrier/Palace Guards of the left are in such demand right now. 

The Tea Party has come along and turned over a lot of the moneychanger’s tables, and sees a lot more that needs to be kicked on its fat ass. Of course, the money changers of both parties and all their partners benefiting from favorable legislation know this, so their “Prime Directive” is to destroy the Tea Party on a “Scorched Earth” basis.



Vietcong Cannon Straddling Jane Fonda Hearts OWS

Jane Fonda must have inhaled something back then to refer to the Occupy Wall Street movement as both “successful” and having “good values.”

Fonda, told The Huffington Post how much she admires OWS, the flailing protest movement known for its violence, rapes and anti-Semitism.

Huffington Post

What’s your opinion of the Occupy movement?

Right on! I say right on! It’s an important, wonderful movement. It doesn’t fit the mold.

Is that what you like about it? That it doesn’t fit the mold?

I think that’s what allows it to be successful in its own way. Because it has no leader; it has no set of rules. But, the values are good and it makes a difference. And I say right on.

Your point about not having a leader is interesting.

It limits the range if there’s a leader. This can occupy a big space on a lot of different areas, but the core value is, “What about democracy?” It’s about democracy and against greed.


Hmm…  My first two reactions out of the gate are:

1)       Maybe you could sleep with one or more of the leaders of OWS and finally fulfill your Che Guerreva fantasy.

2)      I wish your father would descend from on high and kick your old Liberal, Progressive ass.

Imagine what an overblown opinion she had to have of herself to think that, in her thirties, she could visit Hanoi and influence the course of the Vietnam War. Imagine her ignorance, in 1972, in calling President Nixon a “traitor” and accusing him of committing “the most heinous crimes I think have ever been committed.” She was totally clueless then and, apparently, hasn’t gained any insight in the last 40 years.

Anytime the hypocritical prostituted skank Fonda shows up babbling in public in the past couple dozen years, it has been to build hype for an upcoming movie of hers, which always have genuine box office draws for co-players, in order to get people to watch them. Don’t think so, beside the toilet bowl decals, crappy exercise videos, and an early movie where she had coitus with a machine (ow, ah, ow, ga …what talent!), has she done anything on her own merits?

I want her to live long, with debilitation, and to reach that point where no one calls and everyone avoids her calls as well. Irrelevance, publicly displayed, is what she deserves. …and she’s getting there these days … like who cares what she says or does anymore. yeah, irrelevance, that’s the ticket … or stepping in front of a speeding bus, and surviving incapacitated and uglier than she already is.

Sean Hannity RIPS Occupy Fleabagger/Organizer Harrison Schultz – Perhaps the funniest interview I have seen

Occupy Fleabagger leader Harrison Schultz debates Sean Hannity on why Capitalism is wrong. In the debate Mr. Schultz is offended when it’s inferred he may be a radical. He poses several conspiracy theories of how the cops sent rapists and vagrants to Zuccotti Park in order to make the movement look bad. In summary he explains that: school, housing, daycare, information, transportation, etc. should all be free.

Best Line:

Hannity:  I have a suggestion for you. You are 29 years old. Stop wasting your time at “Occupy Wall Street.” Here’s a novel concept, get up at 6:00 a.m.; shovel some coffee down your throat. Hit the pavement, find a job, get to work, stop whining, stop complaining, stop blaming and get your out of bed like everybody else in America and get to work. How does that sound?

This is classic and it goes up there with Dean Wormer’s Fat, Drunk and Stupid spiel from “Animal House”.

I watched this on Chicks on the Right this morning and if you ever, ever believed Occupy Wall Street had one iota of credibility or even made a bit of sense, Harrison Schultz just shot that down in flames.  This is like arguing with my 6 year old daughter, the difference is she would have seen the sense in my argument about 9 minutes earlier than this putz did.

This 29 year old kid does not know how the economy works, he doesn’t even understand where the money comes from he lives off from, he’s too good work at a job that actually requires labor and he wants people’s sympathy? He needs to get off his lazy bottom, get over his arrogant pride, lose his entitlement complex and start earning an honest living.

This is the epitome of Liberal, radical idiocy and Conservative rationality. Conservative men and women across the country should be proud after watching this video.

Flushing Out Occupy Wall Street

A couple of questions about Occupy Wall Streeters…

How many OWS’ers realize that corporations have gained the power they have due to Democrat fascism, Liberal Democrats are putting forth the majority of hate-speech, and corruption is rife within the links between Democrats and major corporations? Every big corporation knows that you have to contribute enough to certain Democrat election coffers to be neatly excluded by onerous Democrat-pushed business regulations that keep its competitors from thriving as they would in a free market. And never forget that it was the Democrats, not the Republicans, who claimed that certain corporations were “too big to fail” and thus their free-market natural deterioration through unsustainable business practices should be prevented through government cash handed out to those who duly pleased the Executive Branch.

Can we face facts here please?  There is ample evidence that the Occupy movement was from the first, organized by Far-Left persons: I will try to be brief.

1. Adbusters, a small group in Canada and funded indirectly by George Soros, was involved at the beginning.

2. Then, there is the Communist; SEIU affiliated Stephen Lerner, a visitor to the White House. His stated plan was to bring down Wall Street, the banks, and capitalism through street violence and protests.

3. You are forgetting Elizabeth Warren, who worked in Obama’s administration and, now, running for the US Senate seat from Massachusetts. She credits herself with having a large influence on the intellectual foundations of the Occupy movement.

4. Remember Frances Piven and her proclamation that the Occupy movement includes “Democrats, Democrat Socialists, Socialists and Communists.” Her rallying cry was, “We can work together, because we have a really huge task before us, transforming America and the World.”

5. Union Bosses, apparently in a relatively few hours, some months ago, were able to rally 10,000 persons to shut down the Oakland, California docks. Vandalism and violence resulted. I recall seeing, on the news, an elderly nurse who stated that she was paid by her union to travel from California to sit in McPherson Park in Washington, DC. She was not alone in representing her union.

There is a little more than fun taking place at the Occupy sites. Rapes, violence, selling and use of drugs, intimidation, looting, destruction of property, interfering with and intimidating local businesses and their customers, shouting hate speech, especially to our Jewish citizens, making life miserable for those who must live near these Occupy sites, fouling the landscape of our cities and costing the taxpayer MILLIONS of hard-earned tax dollars. I would not praise, as you do, a culture that allows this sort of thing to take place with impunity. Indeed, there are MANY associations between those supporting the Occupy squatters and the President of the United States. I find that fact very, very worrisome.

We really give these people way too much credit. Here is my impression of the thought processes of these morons. “Hey man, like wow dude. Life is not fair.” “The Hippies were right man. The Hippies knew, man.” “Hey man, I need to find some more pot.” “I’m hungry.” “I should get some free food, man. Because everything should be free.” You know man, like everything should be free.” “I want a free car, a free house, free college, free food, free pot, free love, and free condoms.” “Yeah man, the Hippies were right.” “Life sucks, America sucks, Republicans sucks, and Wall Street sucks.” “Yeah man. Yeah.” 

Brain Dead, Spoiled Hollywood Brats make a Propaganda Piece for “the 99%” and MoveOn.org

The folks at the PBS News Hour promoted the latest video from MoveOn.org. They’re promoting a “99 Percent Spring” project with spokespeople from….the Hollywood One Percent. The ad stars Olivia Wilde of “House,” Penn Badgley of “Gossip Girl,” and Zoe Kravitz, an actress with a celebrity mom and dad (rocker Lenny Kravitz and former Cosby Show kid Lisa Bonet).

First it is interesting to note that on YouTube the comments have been disabled for this video. 

This is sort of like Michael Moore being down with the anorexia crowd.

Why did they go into a business where you can make mega bucks with just one film? Why aren’t these goofs in the Peace Corps if they hate the free market so much?

They don’t live by the same environmental, health, anti-violence, civil rights, and other policy prescriptions they seek to inflict on the little people.

To them they think socialism is a novelty …a nicety whose time has come.

Stars, movie producers, writers and agents actively seek glamour, money, power and fame where they covet fast cars and face-lifts and fly in private jets yet they gag at the very thought of capitalism going on.

Wonder what they would do about the redistribution of their wealth?

You know how to get these dirty, smelly, unemployed hippies to stop protesting and run back to their parent’s basements to play Xbox or their favorite crack houses?? Hold a Job Fair at every protest and watch them scurry off like the cockroaches they are. To these maggots, “work” is a four letter word.

I can’t wait for the video of these “trained, non-violent protesters” taking dumps in major cities in the heat of July. That’s direct action.

Remember these people are intimidated by their own insecurities. They are motivated by their peers knowing that if they don’t they will be ostracized by the entertainment community. They lack in intelligence due to their skewed focus on being an “actor”. They know if they don’t follow the cult of actors they may never work in the business again.

The renewed OWS movement will bring out the crazies again for all to see, and the labor unions and Democratic action groups will not be able to control them.  The Democrats may or may not realize the danger posed by OWS-2012, but the stakes are high. After all, the Obama Administration hasn’t “fixed” the issues he’d promised to handle, and the Fat Left knows it. Their demands (and antics) will run nightly with the highlights of Obama’s campaign events, demonstrating the ineffectiveness of his first term.

 And the public generally gets turned off by vandalism caused by young radicals. Reports of crime in the camps will also be a turn-off. Residents are angry about the filth and the violence (not to mention the expense), and tourists will stay away, harming local businesses.  And who will face the challenge of restraining and containing OWS groups in urban areas? They will be none other than the Democratic mayors who govern them.

Yes Sir, just like the Tea Party: Multiple indecent exposures reported at OWS.

Big Journalism/Dana Loesch

Another Occupier was arrested for indecent exposure and lewd behavior, this time in Florida.

Zot L. Szurgot allegedly walked out of her house naked, turned to five of her neighbors and started wagging her penis.

Szurgot, a 52-year-old transgender man who identifies as both a man and a woman, was arrested Wednesday by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office for indecent exposure and lewd behavior.

Of the five people who saw Szurgot’s sexual equipment, one was a 10-year-old boy. Another was his 4-year-old sister. Szurgot stood about 100 feet from her neighbors, an arrest report states, completely nude.

The boy told officers “the man was naked and shook his wee-wee at me.”The children’s mother said she wanted to press charges, as did another adult who said he saw more of Szurgot than he preferred, according to police. On her Facebook page, Szurgot cites Occupy Gainesville as her employer. She has been quoted in multiple Alligator articles about the movement.

Like the multiple rapes, exposing oneself is also fast becoming a trend amongst the now-fizzled Occupy movement.

From Seattle:

A man accused of exposing himself to children at least five times across Seattle was arrested early Tuesday morning. Seattle police say he was taken into custody at his Kenmore residence around 1 a.m. Officers had been given a composite sketch of the suspect and detectives learned he had been at Westlake Park taking part in the Occupy Seattle protests.

Los Angeles:

Five people at the Occupy L.A. encampment have been charged with separate crimes, including a man who allegedly exposed himself and commited [sic] a sex act in front of a child, officials said Tuesday.

Szurgot was by all accounts an active participant in Occupy Gainesville.


A Eugene woman is speaking out after she and her family accidentally stumbled upon a topless protest outside City Councilor George Poling’s house. The woman says she was taking her six and eight year old boys out to look at Christmas lights when she saw a group of topless women, with bags over their heads and red paint on their bodies.

So in addition to the Occupy rapes and other Occupy crimes, we now have adults “protesting” by masturbating in front of children, shaking their penises at them, and running topless through their neighborhoods with bags over their heads. I can’t wait to compare the results of the 2012 election post-Occupy with the results of the 2012 election post-tea party.

Remember, Democrats endorsed the crime-heavy Occupy movement.

“God bless them,” said Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

“We’re on their side,” said President Obama.

Are they still?