So, Libs WTF?

Tea Party Goals In a broad sense, the main goal of the Tea Party movement is to change the institution of the federal government to the effect that American’s freedoms are restored to the ideals of the founding fathers. These ideas include:

  • Low taxes
  • Dramatically smaller government with a much reduced role
  • Substantially less central government (Washington) and a preference for states rights
  • More individual freedom
  • Free market prosperity

This is accomplished in a number of ways:

  • American citizens must decide to elect out corrupt officials and replace them with individuals who value the input of the average citizen.
  • The government that governs best is one that governs least, and elected leaders must be made to understand that.
  • Those officials who remain in office should know that they will not remain if they vote against the will of the people.

Another objective of the Tea Parties is to educate Americans who don’t understand the price that’s been paid for freedom, and to mobilize them into civic action.

Why do you on the left think this is so awful that you send moles to Tea Party events so it looks like we are racists.

Why is it that after every mass shooting that involves the killing or injuring of innocents that it must have been a Tea Partier (Hello Brian Ross, Katie Couric, the now disgraced Keith Olbermann etc.).

Did Sarah Palin do something to the left that caused the most hateful bile in American History to be spewed from the Left?  What happened?

1)  Did she take the last Twinkie?

2)  Was Todd Palin supposed to be your date?

3)  Did someone in High School whom looked like Sarah Palin  give you the swirlie to end all swirlies and an Atomic Binder your Freshman Year?

Occupy Wall Street destroyed property, robbed, raped and pillaged like a swarm of locusts.  Please document anywhere at a Tea Party event where someone was hurt, property damaged and trash strewn around.  Links from Huff Po, Daily Kos and every other piece of left wing Propaganda crapola don’t count. 

Finally, I have a question for the MSM.  Today I read on that the MSM is covering up for the recent DROP in Obama’s popularity numbers.  This is one of literally hundreds of things you have covered up and swept under the rug.  La, la, la it does not exist.  You have covered up Benghazi, Fast and Furious what the real cost and the damage Obamacare will do next year once implemented.  Do you have any Ethics CNNNBCCBSABC, Cartoon Network, Current Al-Jazeera America, New York Times, etc.  Do you think keeping the masses in the dark and spreading bullshit is a good for them or is it what is necessary to keep the dream of a Communist Utopia alive?



John Kerry as Secretary of Defense will Implement “Obama’s Vision for the World”

530824_480382038685181_1921435371_nWow, that is a truly scary s**t thought there John.

And what pray tell is Obama’s vision of the world?  What is that?  A world in which the Jewish nation of Israel is destroyed completely and Muslim Extremist rule with iron clad theocratic dictatorships throughout the Middle East?  An Iran with nukes and missiles that can strike the U.S.?  A world, where Muslim extremists don’t rule that is full of autocratic Marxist/Socialist dictatorships including the United States?  I have no doubt that Sen. Kerry, the guy who hid his yacht in RI to avoid MA taxes; will pursue exactly that in Obama’s name!

And in my American History class in High School back in the 1970’s I was taught that the Secretary of defense’s job and duty was to represent the United States.   I don’t want Obama’s Vision for the World – it will make Glenn Beck’s “Agenda 21” book prophetic.

Also, does this mean that he’s on-board to commit treason?

Keep in mind, this is John F Kerry otherwise known as Hanoi Kerry, the same John Kerry who lied to Congress in 1971.  The same John F Kerry who spoke with the North Vietnamese representatives in Paris, the same John F Kerry who got a 3 Purple Hearts in record time, went to Cambodia on a secret mission that never happened and got a Silver Star in a mission he did not lead. Oh, btw, like Obama, he sealed important documents of his military record in spite of his promise to do so in 2004.

Bottom line, this is envy; Kerry could never accept losing against Bush and now he wants to use this opportunity to “play” at least Co-President.

Dear Progressive Borg Collective of the Left,

 I realize this will do nothing; however do you realize that your anointed leader Barack Obama is now making laws and bypassing Congress?  Like, that it is in the CONSTITUTION, the document that you presently treat like used toilet paper. Dear Leader is using his control over government agencies to establish a semi-amnesty for younger illegal immigrants, even though the nation’s youth unemployment rate is already at a record level. The new policy was announced as polls showed that Obama’s re-election campaign is losing ground in critical states, including Wisconsin, North Carolina and Florida. Obama’s campaign deputies have frequently said that the Hispanic vote is critical to their success in several swing-states, such as Florida, Colorado and North Carolina.

Bottom Line:  Obama doesn’t give a Rat’s Ass about young immigrants – he wants votes.  If there were votes with Polygamists your leader would have Polygamy legalized in a Nanosecond not because he is concerned about men marrying multiple wives but he wants the votes.

Simply stated, Obama is a Marxist. He clearly follows exact tactics right out of Marx’s Communist Manifesto:

1. I contend that Obama practices marginality in virtually ALL of his policies. His strong union affiliation along with the forcing of State run health care and the takeover of various (non-profitable) industries (GM, Solindra, etc.) and forcing their products at a premium (artificially hidden by stolen tax dollars) on the public at large clearly shows this.

2. Dialectical Materialism. When was the last time Obama spoke in any capacity where he did not address the thesis and anti-thesis of Aufhebung Synthesis? When has he not spun the truth of our historical perspective to drive it to a class struggle phenomenon? Class and class warfare is in fact the man’s stock in trade. Marx’s thesis dealt with the Atomism of Epicurus and Democritus and thus he would be proud of Obama’s efforts.

3. Class Struggle. Obama virtually bleeds class hatred. His statements and policies define the battle against perceived exploitation of the proletariat by the bourgeoisie. From day one he has incited the “have not’s” to rise up and destroy the “haves.” Obama defines wealth redistribution, not for his wealth, but other people’s.

4. Dictatorship of the Proletariat. One word: UNIONS! Does he or does he not endorse unions? Is he or is he not endorsed by unions? Do you not consider Dictatorship of the proletariat through unions to be a Marxists concept?

If these things do not define a Marxist, nothing does.

Add to this his blatant and unconstitutional attempts to dictate dogma (specifically procreation dogma) to the Catholic Church and you have a transparent banana republic boy dictator.

Look someone with a rational mind (HA!) at the DNC needs to sit the Head Borg down and tell him to pull a Lyndon Johnson.  Prop up VP Joey McMensa up as the candidate.  Yes, you will probably lose and lose big but at the various least you will have a better slate of candidates in 2016.  I can say with certain surety that if Obama is reelected in 2012 and goes to 2016, that no democrat will ever darken the doors of the White House again in my lifetime.  America will be so far gone at that point assuming we are still calling ourselves the United States of America. 

Take some minor bumps now or take major blows in 2016 and beyond.

It’s for your own good guys.

The End justifies the Means – The Left will always believe they are right

What the left fails to recognize is human nature. Poverty is a great motivator. The old adage, “give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach him to fish, and he feeds himself” is a classic truth. What it fails to point out is that if you repeatedly give a man a fish every day, he will stop trying to provide for himself and not only wait for the fish, but will eventually come to feel entitled to it and demand it, and ultimately resent the one giving it if it’s late in coming. When the one giving it decides he can no longer afford it, the receiver will hate the giver and accuse him of being greedy. Thus is the nature of humans. For decades, liberals have been giving people what they should have been giving themselves, not only creating dependents but enabling them to become virtually unemployable. Dependence is allowing the poor to have way too many fatherless kids, is rendering even basic education unnecessary, demands no skills, penalizes mothers who marry and create a two-parent family, promotes indolence, substance abuse, and worst of all fosters a resentment against the givers.

The “Left” believe they are always right; therefore, they never have to apologize for their destructive ideas. They also have no intellectual capacity to explore or understand alternative views. Liberals would rather be right than happy. Rightness is self-destructive, creates unhappiness and perpetuates the liberal need to change everything in their world to achieve utopia.

As much as we hate these liberal whackos… they sure know how to create the result they desire. They have incredible (almost other-world) stamina, and dedication. At the end of the day – they can win because they are in a ‘religious’ mode, which replenishes their resolve from day to day, week to week, year to year, decade to decade. I might be a bit right of most people, but I truly believe their influence comes from an angelic being we know as ‘Lucifer’. You may not want to believe in demons and evil spirits, but I can tell you something supernatural is preventing common sense from prevailing in the face of some pretty basic and self-evident facts.

History will show that Obama and his cronies overplayed their hand. As soon as he was inaugurated, he turned up the heat, and the frogs came flying out of the pot in the form of the Tea Party. People who had never paid attention to politics were suddenly in the streets. The pushback was seen in the 2010 elections and will continue in November with Obama’s defeat. His defeat, as Churchill might say, is only the end of the beginning.

Obama’s time on stage is about to end. He will look like a complete fool by November with the campaign he is attempting to run.

No Progressive Hypocrisy here – Earth Day Protests Leave Garbage in San Francisco

Huffington Post

Happy Earth Day everybody! This was the scene at Fort Mason Park in San Francisco after Earth Day activists were through partying.

San Francisco may be the greenest city in the nation, but some residents have a funny way of showing their appreciation.

On Earth Day, Marina district residents took their celebrations a little too far, leaving behind a Fort Mason disaster zone.

The 99¢ crowd will always live the gypsy bohemian life-style constantly looking for new pristine gardens to trash. Normal people just view this as ‘envy’ or ‘lack of responsibility’, but I’m convinced that there is a column(s) in the psychopathology matrix every one of these pigs fall under.

I have never met a liberal yet that doesn’t exhibit discombobulating, disheveled appearance, repulsive hygiene, blaming others for all of their failures and a knack for uttering the dumbest statements possible.

There’s no excuse for the mess these folks leave behind. It’s the same crowd that preaches to our kids about recycling that do this kind of thing. It’s also enlightening that every time I’ve seen someone throw garbage out of their car they’ve either had an Obama sticker or some other kind of leftie sticker on their bumper. The last one we saw had an Obama/Biden sticker. They’d pulled out of a McDonald’s drive thru and we watched them as they threw out their receipt, the straw wrapping, and then, a burger wrapping! And that was all within the first block. My son said that I’d better get past them or they’d be tossing out their half-finished soda next!

Typical Liberal hypocrisy. The “green activists” are in actuality spoiled rich kids who expect others to clean up after them, but convince themselves they’re good people because they worship the earth, rather than the actual Creator. Funny how it is people like those “evil” Tea Partiers, constantly demonized by the Lefties, who actually leave parks cleaner than they find them after their rallies. Way to go Greenies. Showing your true colors – and Green isn’t one of them.

Didn’t these people have mothers? I can hear it right now, “I didn’t raise you in a barn! Pick this place up! It looks like a pigsty in here!” Oh yeah, Mom was out on the protest march herself. I guess we can understand why libbies need so much government to keep them in line. They have no self-control on their own.

“Earth Day” is nothing more than Lenin’s birthday with an eco-cult shell. Communists have never respected the environment. The worst pollution in history was produced in the Soviet Union.

Progressive Scumbags Attack WI Governor Scott Walker’s Kids


David Brody: What kind of stories have you seen about some folks really kind of getting in your face about this?

Governor Scott Walker: “Well, even more so my personal home where my kids, my parents still live. I have thousands of people bussed in to my home in Wauwatosa where I’ve got two high school sons living, and I’ve got parents in their 70s. Last year, my 16 year old and my mother in her 70s were at a grocery store and got yelled at. I’ve had my kids targeted on Facebook; we’ve had all those sorts of things. Now, thankfully for every one of them, there’s tenfold people that come up to me at a factory or a farm or small business and say, hey Governor, me and my family are praying for you. That never makes the news.”

Here you have a politician that is doing the peoples work with great success. What are the consequences he faces when he minimizes the stranglehold of public sector unions who have corrupted the system at the cost of all taxpayers, even their own members, ridicule and demeaning demonstrations by groups who are aligned with the liberals/ progressives. If you believe these groups are not funded and directed by the DNC you’re delirious at best. Walker has brought Wisconsin back from the road to Greece and he is vilified for his efforts. He ran on this and did what he said he would do and everyone seems shocked. Personally I think this country would be a whole lot better off if we had more public servants with the fortitude of Walker. I hope he wins the recall and is voted back into office for a couple of terms.

Sure the Tea Party supports him as do many Conservatives that want less government.  One thing he’s being able to do is get the state back in the black.  The Unions are the ones making the demands on the state.  They have been spoiled and have fat pensions.  And they are fat pensions by my standard.  Where is the state going to get the money to pay those benefits and pensions?????   

What doesn’t make any sense is that you liberals think that we can borrow and borrow and borrow and borrow.  What happens when the loans are no longer available, what do we do, tax the rich at 100%?  Maybe we should print money, but then the dollar goes way down in value and we have inflation like in the Weimar Republic.

If a bunch of Tea-Party people went to a Democratic Governors home and protested and terrorized that governors children, the press would be on it like white on rice.  Newsweek and the New York Times, ABC, NBC CBS, CNN, MSNBC and Even FOX NEWS would make it a major frigging issue, implying felonious harassment and violation of civil rights… You’d have the Democratic Governors children crying on camera.

Your governor is the most hated governor in the state because the media, the unions and Democrats cater to the dumb. 

In fact there are more teachers presently employed, their union made concessions to improve healthcare because of the change of status.   Nothing that was passed was onerously serious as all the fart-wagon hysterics at the capital all said it was going to be.

De-elect this governor and become the Greece of the Midwest…  All that Wisconsin charm, the lakes, the beer, the forests, the businesses, the industry become a part of a leftist state where taxes will continue to rise and every time a union is told it might be getting out of hand, it will shut down the capital, infiltrate, stink it up like they did the last time and hold the taxpayers and students hostage…

Rewarding bad behavior perpetuates it…  

Here’s to a Free Work state where if Unions charge you and represent you, they do it by the individual’s choice, not by force of law and thuggery.

I hope Walker survives this recall election and takes the next step to get the state on the road to be a right to work state.  You know what a right to work state is???  You know what the Weimar Republic was??? 

Time to CRUSH Barack Obama and the “Progressives” – Not Literally, Figuratively

Progressivism is the counter revolution to the industrial revolution of the 19th century. When the 1848 revolutions failed in Europe, disgruntled revolutionaries brought progressivism with them to the upper mid Northwest, and their political descendants have been working hard over the 20th century to turn US into their utopian vision of Europe.

But America was NEVER like Europe because we built a nation without classes and with shared power governance between people, states and national sovereignty. Progressivism just doesn’t fit our moral, economic and political values.

As the world moves toward a new, global ubiquitous, information economy, progressivism exposés itself as corrupt, outdated and ill equipped to handle the problems of the 21st century.

Progressivism will die, very soon, and it remains to be seen what kind of government fills the void: totalitarian (socialism or sharia) or republican. The choice is ours.

The first step is to dispense with the false terminology. Like Allen West often borrows “know your enemy and yourself”. “Progressive” is a pleasant sounding word for socialist. We have an astounding 70 members of Congress who are known members of the Democratic Socialists of America. No telling how many on both sides of the aisle are closet Socialists. Obama is a Communist (who considers themselves Socialists) and those he surrounds himself with are varying flavors of the same or sympathizers. Part of the cleanup will be reeducating our children about who these people are (just like everyone two generations ago recognized) and the threat they have always represented to the flame of freedom anywhere in the world they have infiltrated. The Socialists have tried to erase that history and that knowledge showing what a miserable, murderous failure it has been in every instance. Where there is no loyalty to a free market system or belief in the basic principles this country was founded on or the rule of law these people can never have intended to honor the oaths of office they took and should be removed. The next step needs to be the New Committee on Un-American Activities to educate and thoroughly vet all of the fakes and front organizations. We can start by calling it what it is and taking responsibility for allowing it to get this far when we were warned.

One thing left out of the “progressive” playbook that includes fear and intimidation is voter fraud. Cheating. Stealing elections. And they believe they are entitled to it, since they have plied the American consciousness, except those of us who see it for what it is, with a false history of voter disenfranchising coming from the right, as they have done most recently and famously in the Florida situation with the Bush election in 2000.

These people are diabolical, with a purpose, and with a sense of self-righteousness unequaled. In a free and fair election, with only properly registered voters who are American citizens, counted accurately, the Republicans would win in a rout this November. They know it, and that’s why they cheat. The fear and intimidation is the warm-up act for getting people too cowed to fight it.Obama’s little salvo of publicly trying to intimidate the high Court yesterday was an example of this. He was speaking to the masses of schemers and cheaters yesterday, and the pockets of parasites who feed off the producers of this country. Remember, this is his only “talent” and he believes he’s “got game” and that his mission and destiny are to use his talent accordingly. He is sneaky in plain sight and that makes him dangerous. He believes he has super powers and can say anything and get away with it. It is a trait of all dictators and movers of masses to illegitimate and evil ends.

We are drinking the iodine here to get rid of a bad thyroid condition that plagues America. We can hope and pray for a lasting healing. God wishes for us the best. It is up to us to do what’s best for us and be vigilant and resolute in the right ways. We know this to be our turning point as a nation. But so do the leftists. They are out in the open now, and we’ve got them on the run. Let’s finish them off in November.