Bill O’Reilly Talking Points 6/3/2014.

Part of transcript from “More trouble for the Obama Administration because of the Taliban negotiation”

 I found this part of “Talking Points” very disturbing and Mr. O’Reilly is absolutely correct in his analysis.

Bill%20OReilly%20ssSo last night I talked with someone who knows the inside story of the Obama White House. I have to keep the person’s identity secret but he told me that the President has come to the conclusion that his administration is not, not going to accomplish its goals.

 He knows the economy is not going to turn around. He no knows Obamacare is not going to be popular. And he understands that his job approval rating will likely remain below 50 percent. Therefore, according to this guy, the President has concluded that public opinion really doesn’t matter anymore. Thus, Mr. Obama is going to do what he wants to do and the consequences be damned. I believe that assessment is accurate.

 Just think about it. Why would you swap one alleged deserter because surely President Obama knows the guy left his unit voluntarily for five, five notorious war criminals? Why would anyone do that it simply doesn’t make sense because these Taliban guys will continue killing people. The war on terror remains in progress and thousands of people are dying all over the world even ardent pro-Obama supporters have got to be confused.

One final thing President Obama knows that at least half, half of the American public is totally disengaged from political reality. They don’t know anything. And they don’t care to know. Many live in a high tech bubble, lost in cyberspace. Caught up in their own selfish pursuits. Therefore, he knows the President does, that he can razzle-dazzle, make speeches and survive. That’s a big change in this country when you have half of the folks not caring a whit about what our leadership does. Apathy breeds corruption and incompetence, does it not?

Bottom line: The President no longer gives a shit about what he is doing and he hopes (and maybe prays) that there are enough low information voters whom are happy being in their own worlds of Game of Thrones, Dancing with the Stars and Grand Theft Auto 26 that whatever he does going forward won’t hurt the democratic vote in 2014 and 2016.

 And unfortunately President Obama is probably right about that assessment…

obama taliban truck




National Progressive Radio (NPR) – Hitler’s Birthday caused Boston Marathon Bombing

Hard to believe at one time in my life I had NPR on my selected radio stations in my car.


Partial transcript: “The thinking, as we have been reporting, is that this is a domestic, extremist attack and officials are leaning that way largely because of the timing of the attack. April is a big month for anti-government and right-wing individuals. There’s the Columbine anniversary, there’s Hitler’s birthday, there’s the Oklahoma City bombing, the assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco.”

That long-knife you just felt eased into your back came courtesy of the oh-so precious dulcet tones that emanate from NRP correspondent Dina Temple-Raston — which makes sense. After all, don’t most serial-smearers have three names?

Got Insanity yet guys?

Uh, didn’t Der Fuhrer disarm all of his citizens?  Hardly a Conservative way of thinking.

Hitler was a National “SOCIALIST” he believed everything that NPR believes with regard to:

1) State controlling the Economy 

2) State controlling the Children  

3) State controlling the press 

4) State telling the folk who are the bigots, liars, Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves  and evil folk.

Never mind Hitler’s hero was Mussolini who “was” a Socialist until he couldn’t take power so he scaled back on the international stuff that Stalin and Lenin were ‘selling’ focused on the Nationalist concept and still applied Socialism to the economy, culture, religion and life in general yeaper real right wingers there.  Would some one educate these “journalists” in something that resembles economics, political science (not taught by a communist) and life in general?

The second word in Nazi is “SOCIALIST” why would anyone on the right embrace that philopsophy?  As lefties we know you already do.

Grow up Libs and get your collective heads out of the Bong..

Yes these are actual WI Public School Teachers: Wacky Gov. Walker Protesters Stumped by Basic Questions

The Recall Scott Walker crowd showed up to a recent Americans for Prosperity event to protest Israel, Rick Santorum and just about anything else resembling capitalism and free markets. The teachers unions are showing their true colors by continuing to embrace #Occupy and the radical fringe of society. Look no further than the examples contained herein.

Reason number 4578 to Homeschool your children; because these are teachers and this is what the federal government and state unions are saying are so good…

This video clearly shows the actual problem with our country.  These are the morons that vote the people into office that shoulder us with TRILLIONS of dollars in debt every year.  They’re just too stupid to look at the big picture. That’s the problem with liberalism, they don’t see past the nose on their faces.  They can’t wrap their heads around the bigger picture.

Those protesters are missing a few people from MSNBC, Chris Matthews, Eddie Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell and Mika and Joe? Keith Olbermann from Current TV, David Brock and George Soros from Media Matters should be there too. They’re all one big network of mentally-ill liberals.

One word sum up:  Morons

WTF? Why would anyone other than Political Lackeys, Obama’s Relatives and The Dead Vote for Barack Obama?

There are so many reasons to vote against Obama, it is difficult to know where to begin. Suffice it to say that everything Obama has involved himself in has gotten worse, not better. Pick a subject – the national economy, race relations, the drug war, international relations, gas prices, the national debt, the health care industry, labor relations . . . The list is endless.

 What I want to know is why anyone would need to be convinced that Obama has been a disaster for this country and our allies. I knew Obama was a disaster when he was merely the most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate. Who are these people who continue to approve of the job he’s doing? Why aren’t Obama’s poll numbers in the low teens? Are people really that stupid? You know, I think they are. And that scares the begeezus out of me.

Union thugs, government bureaucrats, teachers, feminists, blacks, professors, white guilt liberals, the journOlist media, Hollywood, the young and dumb, and the willfully ignorant are “those people who continue to approve of the job he’s doing”. The rest of the country better hope and pray there are no longer enough of them to re-elect this charlatan.

How does one remain “polite” and “respectful” when the leader of the most powerful nation on earth is a proven usurper and our weak knee Conservative web pages, our weak knee Republican Congress, our weak knee Conservative talking heads, our weak knee judges, allow him to remain in power? It is impossible to show respect for a proven criminal, especially when he is still making decisions for all of us in matters that have huge national security risks. This is insane and we need to deal with it and we should not be “polite and civil” about it, the man belongs in prison. President Nixon was forced to resign for much less. President Clinton was impeached by the House for much less, Dan Rather and Mary Mapes were fired by CBS for much less.

In what certainly seems like four score and seven years ago, American voters, deceived by a man of a true nature most foul and his media propaganda ministers, brought forth, upon this Nation, a profoundly warped man, conceived who knows where for certain, who is dedicated to the proposition that all men are created weak and subservient to his every insane will and whim.

 Now we are engaged in a great battle, testing whether this nation, or any nation so burdened, and so assaulted, can long endure. We are met here on a great internet battlefield, with compatriots in the Tea Party Freedom Movement rallies and compatriots on the radio waves, of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of our lives in honor of our forefathers who dedicated their lives that this nation might live vigorous and free.

It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

 It is for us, the living, to be dedicated to the restoration of freedom, liberty, and rule of law, progress and sanity which our Founders so nobly brought about. It is for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us – that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they so long ago gave the full measure of devotion – that we here highly resolve that our Founding Fathers shall not have labored in vain; that this nation shall have a rebirth of freedom and responsibility; and that this government will once again be of the people, by the people, for the people, and that we will not allow criminal abominations like Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their gang of auxiliaries, enablers, lap dogs and quislings to cause it, and it’s shining light, to perish from the Earth.

Okay, I got a little “preachy” in the last paragraph there.

Dear Mr. President: WTF are you doing to Israel?

Washington Times:

The Obama White House claims to have done more for Israel’s security than any in history. If that were the case, President Obama would not have to continually defend his shaky record.

“I try not to pat myself too much on the back,” Mr. Obama told the audience at a Jewish-American fundraiser last week, “but this administration has done more for the security of the state of Israel than any previous administration.” Presidents should always steer away from superlatives, but this claim is self-evidently absurd. Has he done more for Israel than Harry Truman, who helped lead the drive in the United Nations for recognition of Israel’s statehood? Has he done more than Richard Nixon, who mounted Operation Nickel Grass to resupply Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War and who materially contributed to Israel’s victory? Has he done more than Ronald Reagan, who granted Israel the status of major non-NATO ally and made Israel the largest recipient of U.S. military assistance in the world? Those presidents offered deeds, while Mr. Obama has only words, and usually the wrong ones.

Obama has done nothing for Israel except clear the path for an Islamic Revolution in the Middle East, under the guise of a transition to democracy to isolate Israel. He did nothing while Iran was killing its own people during the election and nothing to prevent Iran from building a nuclear bomb. When he asked for Mubarak to step down, the gates for radicals to control Egypt and enter the Gaza were thrown open and subsequently any hope for what they call “peace” talks. George Mitchell knew it and jumped ship immediately. Obama is not even leading from behind in Syria because they have no oil; he is simply ceding any U.S. influence in the region to the chaos and the Islamic rule that will follow. What Israel is left with is a consolidated series of Islamic Arab states and a nuclear capable Iran, all with one paradigm, a map of the Middle East without Israel on it.

Barack Obama’s distain for Israel is notorious. He has no clear since of what is right and wrong in the Middle East. Israel is our strongest and best ally and we also have suffered at the hands of Islam and it will be worse if Israel is dominated by Iran and the Palestinians. We should be supporting Israel not condemning them for their desire to be free and have peace. Obama and the Democrat party are wrong on this issue.

Obama has such a high regard for the truth that he only uses it on special occasions. Joseph Goebbels who was Hitler’s Reich Minister of Propaganda made a profound observation about “the truth” when he stated ““If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Hmmm seems like Obama and the spineless, fraudulent, mainstream media have been using the good ol’ boy Goebbels playbook.

In his view, the ultimate goal is to have a New World Order where the UN rules all countries. In that world of his, he is helping screw the whole Middle East so they only have puppet rulers and are thus easily placed in the New World Order.


Obama’s Minion Tools in Congress hit Target – Super Committee Fails to Cut 1.2 Trillion from Budget.

The bipartisan congressional committee tasked with finding at least $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction announced on Monday it cannot reach agreement by the Wednesday deadline, a stark if not unexpected admission that its efforts have ended in failure.

“After months of hard work and intense deliberations, we have come to the conclusion today that it will not be possible to make any bipartisan agreement available to the public before the committee’s deadline,” the co-chairs, Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, and Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., said.

The alleged “super” committee was nothing more than dim Political theatre. It accomplished exactly what the spendthrift, socialist crowd desired – nothing. Well, actually it did accomplish one thingy. Spending increased by 5%. And for that we can give credit to the days when Pelosi and Reid controlled the house and senate respectively.

Of course pay no attention that Republicans in the Super Committee actually did offer $250 billion in tax increases in the form of closing a number of loopholes in the upper two tax brackets. But that’s not information the MSM is about to volunteer or concede was a serious offer.

Kudos to the thin red line of conservatives who, unable to get anything past Reid or the toddler, have tried to hold the financial line; those elected to the house have done a good job even though lacking control of Reid’s idiotic, Dim and RINO Senate, and the Oval Office.

We will just have to wait until 2012. That’s when we must elect more conservatives to congress, especially the senate, and one in the oval office.

And where is President Obama on leadership? He should have laid out his vision for spending cuts, but he didn’t. In fact, he is MIA, running around with the Indonesians having fun in Bali. Meantime, Washington is collapsing.

Mr. Obama should be showing leadership, demanding trillions in spending cuts. We can do that by revising the tax code so more money does flow into Washington because we need more revenue to defend ourselves, to keep our commitments to the poor and elderly.

But this “tax the rich” ruse is a disgrace. Raising taxes on business and the affluent won’t solve anything and could very well make the economy even worse. You have to have a consistent revenue flow, and that comes from tax collection, not punishing American business.

Please keep in mind the root cause of this current crisis. There is no approved Federal budget.

The Senate has the responsibility to create the budget. Thus, the entire failure starts and ends with Harry Reid, Majority Leader of the Senate (and Joe Biden, President of the Senate). Under Reid, the senate has not produced a budget since 2008?

That is the storyline.

If a budget had been produced, there would be objective evidence of the reckless and irresponsible fiscal policy of the federal government. Instead, you have the continuing resolution nonsense, making all fiscal policy and series of crises when the current continuing resolution expires.

This was exactly what “the disgusting one” wanted. He needed an issue, since he couldn’t run on the economy or jobs. The dems said no cuts to Medicare, but I haven’t forgotten that they cut $500 billion from Medicare to get the healthcare bill passed. WHAT FRAUDS we have in our government! Now they can go do their insider trading on something. Our country is a mess, thanks to this bunch.

 This thing was a designed failure. The democrats sent there were ORDERED to make it fail. Even when the Republicans caved on tax increases, the democrats STILL wouldn’t make a deal. This makes me GLAD that it failed. Any deal would have been a bad deal, and any Republican signed off on tax increase is the only way I can see democrats winning elections next year.

This was done on purpose. Obama needs Congress to demonize for his re-election. Never mind that half of Congress is still democrat controlled, and the Senate is where everything stops.

Mark Levin had a great suggestion last night, which the House should immediately vote again to pass Paul Ryan’s budget. Are we at 1,000 days yet since the Senate passed a budget?

 Ha! Obama, must be enjoying that the Republicans could not persuade the non-persuadable Democrats to cut spending.

Everyone knows that the root of the problem mainly the hardcore Left (now incarnated in the Democrat Party) rests with expensive, wasteful, big government, and not with lack of “revenues”, which is as big spenders refer to their ideological addiction to high taxes to overspend and to enlarge the government bureaucracy.

See, Obama is enjoying it, for he is now coming back to his “maximalist” (i.e., Bolshevik, as his teenage-years tutor Frank Marshall Davis’) roots –“economic-catastrophist” and all– as his public embracing of the Bolshevik outbursts of street-mayhem that goes by the name of Occupy Wall Street evidences it.

It is a “sacred” creed to every single Marxist on Earth, to bring America down; and it is a much more sacred creed to every single Bolshevik to bring America down with a big bang; understand Obama’s joy, then.

 What do we need to do to stop this rudderless presidency? This is ENOUGH! He’s waged war on what America means and even more, the very fabric of our Republic. How do we put a stop to this nightmare? I feel as unempowered as a citizen in the face of this radical agenda. Where are the “grown ups”? Take this 60s radical back to school.

One of the only hopes this failed president has to win re-election is to convince enough voters his failed economy isn’t his fault. So what better way to pin the blame on a “do nothing” Congress (meaning: Republicans) than with this Super Committee nonsense? What the Democrats effectively did with this committee was to put Republicans in a no-win situation. Either they could betray the message of 2010 and raise taxes, or they would be blamed for the committee’s failure.

HMMM…  Maybe this is really George Bush’s fault, the guy’s been no good since he shot down Amelia Earhart and sabotaged the Hindenburg. That no good Republican should have been stopped before he ever shot JFK and started the Vietnam War, but no, we had to wait till he developed the Aids Virus and started the African drought. I was beginning to fear we’d never have another great president. And then the gods sent us this one just in time…….phew, that was close!

The President can now go back to dinner parties and lots and lots of golf..

Maybe appear on Leno or Letterman..

HEY HO OBAMA MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is Joe Biden Smarter than a Fourth Grader?

 Last week, it was the fourth grade at Alexander B. Goode Elementary School in York, Pa., that found itself on the receiving end of the Vice President’s wisdom:

Here in this school, your school, you’ve had a lot of teachers who used to work here, but because there’s no money for them in the city, they’re not working. And so what happens is, when that occurs, each of the teachers that stays have more kids to teach. And they don’t get to spend as much time with you as they did when your classes were smaller. We think the Federal Government in Washington, D.C., should say to the cities and states, look, we’re going to give you some money so that you can hire back all those people. And the way we’re going to do it, we’re going to ask people who have a lot of money to pay just a little bit more in taxes.

Joe Biden, in the fourth grade? Sigh. That social promotion stuff won’t turn out well. Don’t promote him until he learns the material or he’ll never amount to anything.

Hey Joe, why should “the rich” pay any more in taxes than the rest of us? It doesn’t matter what they would do with it. You might not like the idea of Caribbean vacations but, those vacations result in jobs; jobs for the ticket sellers, jobs at the airplane factories and the airlines. Those profitable routes on the airlines might enable them to make enough money to service some smaller towns where the revenue isn’t as high (or allow less expensive tickets).

When will you people realize it isn’t your money? Rich people (or any taxpayers for that matter) are not indentured servants to the government. Rich people aren’t the peasants, expected to labor all year for the scraps that Washington is willing to throw to them. The folks that are supposed to be public servants are the ones working for us!

The bill doesn’t include its own financing. Does the bill make a product that is being sold for a profit? What is the return on investment for the money “invested”? All this bill promises are more taxes and more spending.

Why is it that in education, as in healthcare, the favorite position is to spend more money rather than trying to become efficient and do more by spending less money?

Because put simply education and healthcare are two sectors of the economy that are utterly infiltrated by government control, and the resultant warping of costs vs. benefits.

If education and healthcare were run as real, independent businesses, without government sugar daddies and without being regulated and unionized into submission, costs would be a fraction of what they are.

On the whole, the Vice President of the United States told fourth graders that if kids and schools need more money, they must to take that money from rich people. Biden obviously does not care that children are easily programmed by adult instruction, Biden only cares about passing Obama’s Job’s Bill, and if that means coaching children into telling their parents to demand the Congress and Senate pass the bill, Biden will use innocent children to get the job done.

One can only imagine the public outrage that would have ensued had Dick Cheney told a classroom of fourth graders that every American must support President Bush’s tax-cuts.

Indoctrinating children versus morality is seemingly less important than convincing underprivileged children that they will never achieve anything in life, and fired teachers will never be rehired, unless the rich are taxed to excess. Biden’s words infer it is the fault of the wealthy that teachers in certain schools have been fired, not the Federal Government and a unionized educational system that is failing America’s children in favor of paychecks and pensions.

Again, Biden’s leftist message is Marxist indoctrination at its worse.