Renegade Gays get out of Hand at Marcus Bachmann’s Clinic

Gay Barbarian Horde’ Glitters Waiting Room of Bachmann Clinic


A “barbarian horde” of LGBT-rights activists traveled to Marcus Bachmann’s counseling center in Minnesota Thursday, chanted lyrics from a Lady Gaga song, demanded to see Bachmman and when he didn’t show up, glittered the waiting room.

The group was led by the same LGBT-rights activist who glittered Newt Gingrich back in May.

Bachmann, of course, has become famous in recent weeks thanks in part to his wife Michele’s presidential campaign and in part because of the Christian counseling center he runs in Minnesota. Bachmann has said he performs so-called gay reparative therapy at the clinic (but only at the request of his patients.)

Marcus Bachmann, who conducts “reparative therapy” at the clinic intended to convert homosexuals, has said that gays are “barbarians who need to be disciplined.” The horde requested to speak directly with Bachmann and experience some “discipline” for themselves.

When Marcus was no where to be found, the barbarians glittered the empty waiting room and reception area while chanting, “You can’t pray away the gay — baby, I was born this way!”

The action was organized by the same young man who threw glitter on Newt Gingrich, starting a national trend in political protest of anti-LGBT sentiments from political candidates and campaigns.

“Michele and Marcus Bachmann think gay people are barbarians?” asked LGBT activist Nick Espinosa. “I think its clear to everyone who the real barbarians are, based on the Bachmanns’ archaic views on LGBT equality.



If the purpose here is to win over the 90% of the population that isn‘t gay, this isn’t the way to do it. This is just stupid, childish and just weird. I don’t really care if someone is gay or not. That is between them & God. They have the NOH8 campaign and all the people who are pushing are actually the biggest haters I have ever seen. I am old enough to remember the 1970s where people got along much better then, they do today. Gay & straight people would go out and just dance at discos together. Since then we keep breaking down groups smaller & smaller and this is what is fractionating the US to the point there is a real chance we are going to collapse for good. I would think if a gay person wanted to be accepted by a straight person the first thing they should do is accept the straight person. Deal with each other one-on-one as a person not a member of a group.


Just Asking.. What would you Rather Have – a Threesome with Fred and Ethel or a “Date” and a night of “Scintillating” Conversation with Janeane Garofalo?

Me?  I’ll take the Threesome with the Mertzes. Thank You

What does this have to do with this post?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!  I thought it was funny.  SO SUE ME!!!

Here is the Real Subject of this Post:

Liberal Celebrities, Radio Hosts Make Baseless Jokes and Accusations That Marcus Bachmann Is Gayer Than Richard Simmons

By Tim Graham NewsBusters

The gay blog On Top reported that “comedian” Janeane Garofalo is the latest in a string of celebrities and activists suggesting Michele Bachmann’s therapist husband Marcus must be gay, including Cher, Jon Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld, and sex columnist/”It Gets Better” bully Dan Savage. Cher even said she wanted to strangle him.

This Marcus-is-gay line has also been a regular trope of liberal talk radio, from openly gay Stephanie Miller to Randi Rhodes to even Ron “Junior” Reagan, who knows something on this subject of aspersions from his ballet-dancing days.

On Saturday’s July 16 edition of the radio show Both Sides Now with Huffington and Matalin, Reagan was sitting in Arianna’s left-wing chair and disparaged the Bachmanns:   They are motivated, among other things, primarily by hatred of homosexuals. It may be self-loathing in Marcus Bachmann’s case.”

On July 12, Stephanie Miller took an early  turn: “We’ve been talking about well, you know wildly gay Marcus Bachmann among other things…A psychologist called from Minneapolis who was talking about really the dark side of this reparative therapy that is you know causing suicides in some places.”

But the big day for this baseless allegation/joking/bullying came on July 14. On her radio show, Randi Rhodes lamented the Bachmann clinic and the accusation that Dr. Bachmann used federal money for “pray away the gay” sessions: “Tthey charge the U.S. government Medicaid patients, OK, to de-gay gay people and then celebrate it! And you know it’s interesting because Marcus Bachmann does set off, you know, gay-dar everywhere – so I guess it’s safe to say now that even gayness they will hoard!”

Lines Are Now Open Fred and Ethel? OR...

That night, Garofalo told a former MSNBC host on Countdown: “This is not a criticism, but he seems to be quite gay to me…He’s dealing with an issue that a lot of people who are vehemently anti-gay seem to be dealing with: their personal demons. I believe we were talking about with his reparative therapy, he’s like ‘You know when you’re young you experiment’ and so on and so forth, and I think he was referring to himself.” She called it “that Roy Cohn thing, of going after whatever your inner demon is, and the whole culture is dragged down with you.”

On the same night, Jerry Seinfeld appeared on the Daily Show to joke: “Dr. Marcus Bachmann buys Brawny paper towels for the packaging…He’s so gay, Richard Simmons tells him to tone it down.”

Jon Stewart said Dr. Bachmann seems to be doing this “so he can hoard all the gayness for himself,” and added Bachmann “dances and sounds not only gay, but center-square gay.”

Ms Garofalo?

On Slate, William Saletan reported that in his “Savage Love” podcast on July 12, Dan Savage said the Bachmanns’ marriage was frigid because Mr. Bachmann may have “tiptoed down” the road to homosexuality “just a couple of inches … maybe six, maybe seven.” As evidence, Savage cited Bachmann’s “mincing” in a YouTube clip, plus “the sound of his voice.” He concluded that Bachmann “appears to be a lying closet case.” Saletan, who began by noting he’s been wrongly identified as gay, concluded:

There’s nothing new about calling somebody gay based on a lisp or a girlish gait. We all saw, did, or suffered it in grade school. What’s unusual is seeing grown-up gays and liberals do it in 2011 with such open ridicule. But don’t worry: The new queer-hunters are progressive.

Cher may have come first with OnTop reporting on July 1 that she was yelling in capital letters on Twitter: “Just heard Michele Bachmann’s OH SO CHRISTIAN husband talk about ‘Gays‘ in the most UNCHRISTIAN way WTF!…tell me what u think … Cause My Gay-Dar is GOING OFF!!!…I’m thinking GAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAY Without Style!” Cher also insisted “I’m going to strangle him with my boa.”

If any Republican candidate is known to be on the conservative side of Christianity, he or she must be destroyed.  The candidate, or the candidate’s family, must be portrayed as hypocrites and religious nuts.  Yet let their candidate, who is now president, belong to the church of a black racist for 20 years or portray himself as a near-messianic figure, complete with an inordinate number of people fainting in the aisles and pictures shot in such a way that he appears to have a halo, and we get not a peep from the MSM.

The left loves to scream about haters on the right, and yet they are consumed by hate.  The hypocrisy is on the left.

Ted Nugent puts Larry King’s Replacement on a Spit and has him for Dinner

Piers Morgan interviewed Ted on 5/19/2011 the result is utter hilarity as to how long Nugent smacks down Morgan.  I ALMOST feel sorry for Piers Morgan – stressing almost.  I wonder if he fired a producer or two after the interview for booking Terrible Ted in the first place.

Or at least brought in a few more viewers than the 5 or 6 he has now.

Piers:  Stick to interviewing the Khadishians, they are little more your speed.

Ted:  Please go on Keith Olbermann’s program on Current TV and rip him to shreds.  I will pay anything to see that.   PLEEEEEASE!!!

Transcript from Free

MORGAN: For a man who is a — who is a patriot, who purports to love his country, that was quite shocking disrespect to your president.

NUGENT: Well, let me put it in official CNN Piers Morgan interview terms, shall I? My limey friend…Anybody that wants to disarm me can drop dead. Anybody that wants to make me unarmed and helpless, people that want to literally create the proven places where more innocents are killed called gun-free zones; we’re going to beat you. We’re going to vote you out of office or suck on my machine gun. You can take it whichever you —

MORGAN: Much as I’d love to suck on your machine gun, the whole point — the whole point of your defense is that a lot of people do drop dead precisely because you are armed to the teeth. And you’d like everybody else to be.

NUGENT: Not true at all. Not true at all.

MORGAN: Eighty people —

NUGENT: Piers, write this down —

MORGAN: You write this down. Eighty people a day die in America from gunshots.

NUGENT: And 75 of them to 78 of them — statistics by the Uniform Crime Report by the FBI and the U.N. study on violent crime — 78 of those 80 are let out of their cages by corrupt judges and prosecutors who know the recidivism is out of control, know that they’ll commit the crimes again, and they let them walk through plea bargaining, early release, and programs.

Kiss my ass. Where you have the most armed citizens in America, you have the lowest violent crime rate. Where you have the worst gun control, you have the highest crime rate.

Piers choose one. Do you want a lot of crime? We have it. Gun-free zones. You want less crime? We have that. More people with concealed weapons permit. Why do you guys resist that statistic?

MORGAN: Well, don’t say you guys.

NUGENT: You guys. Well, unless you’re playing the devil’s advocate.

MORGAN: I can play any advocate I like. It’s my show.

NUGENT: You’re doing a good job. You’re playing the idiot’s advocate here. More guns equals less crime. Period.

MORGAN: Unless I’m wrong — and I don’t want to kiss your ass —

NUGENT: And I’ll be sure to let you know.

MORGAN: — at this point, if you don’t mind. Unless I’m wrong with your argument — well, you’re basically saying that, you know, 90 percent of the gun crime comes from people that —

NUGENT: It’s 96 percent but go ahead.

MORGAN: But they still have to get access to firearms. If you had your way, there would be 10 times as many firearms, right?

NUGENT: Not true at all.

MORGAN: You want everyone in America to own a gun?

NUGENT: Not at all. I’ve never said that. And I got to tell you —

MORGAN: What is your position?

NUGENT: — and I hope you don’t edit this out. Whenever I’ve done interviews with guys that are inclined to be anti-gun, they always go, well, Nugent, you want everyone to have a machine gun. Nugent wants all the deer dead.

MORGAN: What does Nugent want?

NUGENT: Not even close.

MORGAN: What do you want?

NUGENT: What I want is the Second Amendment. We the people, free individuals to have the right to keep and bear arms for self- defense. Find fault with that.

MORGAN: Well, I could find lots of fault with it.

NUGENT: Name one.

MORGAN: Well, the reality is you end up with what happened to Gabby Giffords in Tucson.

NUGENT: That guy had gone through the cracks of the mental health system. That guy had —

MORGAN: How could he be allowed to get a gun?

NUGENT: Because he fell through the cracks, and he didn’t — he didn’t qualify to get a gun.

MORGAN: He fell through the cracks.

NUGENT: The cracks of the mental health system. Everybody knew — all his friends, his family were afraid of this guy, but they didn’t report it. Nobody — nobody reacted to it.

MORGAN: When you see a guy like that get open access to firearms because the Constitution that you subscribe — adhere to so much —

NUGENT: How would you fix that?

MORGAN: Well, I would certainly make it a lot harder for people like him to ever get near a firearm. And that’s my argument with the gun lobbying is that it’s always very, very aggressive. And even as you’ve just exploded with me, it’s always a violent debate. And it’s always like, [Yelling] “I want the right to shoot anyone that comes near me who threatens me!”

It’s always about that. This guy was unstable but was able to go and get a firearm because they are freely available in this country. And that’s where I have a problem with it.

NUGENT: Were you born in England?

MORGAN: I was born in England.

NUGENT: Are you familiar with Ireland?


NUGENT: Is Molotov cocktails and C4 explosives — those legal in Belfast?

MORGAN: They’re terrorists.

NUGENT: Are those — is that — are those items legal in Belfast?

MORGAN: Well, I don’t live in Belfast.

NUGENT: Well, then I’ll go ahead and educate you. They’re banned in Belfast. They’re forbidden in Belfast. Do you think anybody had a hard time getting them? If you want something — how about in New York City it would take me 15 minutes for me to get a submachine gun in New York City from some paroled crack dealer.

MORGAN: Let me spin the argument. Would you agree drugs then to be freely available?

NUGENT: Not at all.

MORGAN: What’s the difference in the argument?

NUGENT: Because drugs are 100 percent about reducing your level of responsibility, getting high, disconnecting, and I’m a cop. I’ve been a cop for 35 years. I conduct federal raids with the heroes of law enforcement in Texas. In every instance where there is violence, somebody’s high on something, but they’re not always in possession of a firearm. They do it with Buicks and bricks and fire and chainsaws and —

MORGAN: The guy who shot Gabby Giffords wasn’t high. That wasn’t a factor.

NUGENT: No, but he was mentally deranged.

MORGAN: My point about the threat of your argument is you’re saying — there’s a difference isn’t there, between — you’re saying guns should be made freely available, right?

NUGENT: No, no, there should be restrictions.

MORGAN: Because if you — let me ask — let me put something to you. Do you think this is wrong, tell me. They should be made available with some restrictions, but not many, from the gun lobby arguments I’ve read —

NUGENT: Which —

MORGAN: — and then actually the reason is if you made them illegal, they would all be freely available anyway. But with drugs, you say do not make them freely available, make them illegal. Even though you know and I know that drives them underground and probably more people get —

NUGENT: Piers, Piers, I don’t know why you guys either don’t study the information or you just resist it. I think you’re resisting it. In America, where you have more citizens with guns on their person, you have a dramatic reduction in violent crime.

In those areas called gun-free zones, you have a outrageous increase in the loss of innocent lives. That’s the choice. Which one would you make? And in America, legally owned guns are used millions of times a year to save innocent lives. You certainly don’t believe in calling 911 to stop evil in your home, do you?

In case you were interested in the non-gun arguments, here’s a bit of the welfare argument:

MORGAN: My issue about you and the welfare thing is it showed — to me it showed no sense of compassion for people who have genuine problems. Who genuinely need it.

NUGENT: Well, you see —

MORGAN: Your judgment, if you don’t mind me saying, is all encompassing. All sweeping. You think they’re all on the fiddle. [On the fiddle???]

NUGENT: No, I don’t.

MORGAN: They’re all —

NUGENT: No, I don’t. But I don’t think, I know, and the statistics support — once again my sharing with you the statistics, that the abuse, the corruption in that system, is not about helping someone who through no fault of their own fell on hard times, but widespread abuse.

Here’s a bit of the draft-dodger talk:

MORGAN: Well, you’re very — you’re very, very pro the troops. I get that. But you yourself, I mean, you dodged the draft.

NUGENT: No. Now, see, I’m glad we’re here on the Piers Morgan show to set that straight for the 10 million —


MORGAN: Set the record straight.

NUGENT: No, did I not dodge the draft. I was 17, and I was a clueless idiot, which most 17s qualify. I bet you were —


MORGAN: I was quite suave.

NUGENT: Being that as it may, no, I was enrolled in Oakland Community College. And I had a one-wide deferment. Did I register — I registered. Did I volunteer? No. Should I have? Yes.

MORGAN: Do you regret that?

NUGENT: You know, I do regret it on one level. On the most important, fundamental level, is that I have a duty to earn these experiments in we the people self-government. And I’ve spent my time and I’ve intentionally put myself in harm’s way going over to Iraq and Afghanistan, right into hell zones of unnamed trenches in Afghanistan danger zones, I do —

MORGAN: Is part of that a guilt thing on your part?

NUGENT: No, not a guilt thing. It was just the right thing to do. At some point, you know, let’s pretend I was a heroin addict when I was 17. Would you bring that up if I’d been clean and sober for 50 years?

MORGAN: Probably, yes.

NUGENT: You’re such a bastard. (LAUGHTER)

Finally, the “homophobia” segment:

MORGAN: Kobe Bryant was fined 100,000 dollars for using a gay slur during a Lakers’ game. And Ted, you wrote a piece after and I’m going to read what you said here. You said that homosexuals are the most protected class of people in America. And you said, and I quote, “The NBA should hold homosexual night during halftime and homosexuals could come down on the court, hold hands, prance around the court to music by The Village People.” You also said that homosexuality was morally wrong.

NUGENT: Do you have a problem with that?


NUGENT: That’s like Clapton trap. No, let’s put it this way. If you’re gay, have a nice day. I could give a rat’s ass. I don’t —

MORGAN: Are you homophobic?

NUGENT: Not at all, no.

MORGAN: Would you be happy if one of your —

NUGENT: I’m heterophiliac.

MORGAN: What’s a heterophiliac?

NUGENT: It means I’m hopelessly addicted to women — woman.

MORGAN: Right. If one of your children came up and says, Dad, I’m gay. How would you react to that?

NUGENT: I’d say, get the gun, let’s go kill a deer. Inconsequential.

MORGAN: You wouldn’t mind morally?

NUGENT: Not at all. I am repulsed at the concept of man-on-man sex. I think it’s against nature. I think it’s strange as hell. But if that’s what you are, I love you.

MORGAN: But do you believe it’s morally wrong? You have suggested that before.

NUGENT: You know, I’m not going to judge another’s morals.

MORGAN: You judge people all the time.

NUGENT: Yes, sometimes you have to. I have to judge my bass player, and that’s why I’ve got the greatest bass player in the world. No. I say live and let live. Like I said gay? Go nuts. Martians? Cool. I really don’t care.