Hey Guys we are still in deep Doo-Doo and President Barry and his Dem Cronies aren’t helping the situation

 Just When You Thought Our Fiscal Nightmare Couldn’t Get Worse

By David Limbaugh

I’ll make you a deal: I’ll quit accusing Democrats of obstructing spending and entitlement reform when they quit obstructing spending and entitlement reform.

Now we even have the nonpartisan, sterile, unflappable Congressional Budget Office virtually predicting a “fiscal crisis,” yet the Democratic Senate hasn’t passed a budget for 785 days. There ought to be a law.

At what point will we go into panic mode? Frankly, I can’t comprehend how people are so calm now.

The major components of this fiscal doomsday outlook are entitlements — the unfunded promises approaching $100 trillion. We need to restructure those — radically — so that we don’t lose everything.

Sure, we know we have the capacity to turn this situation around. But it can’t happen before 2012 without Democratic good faith and participation.

The Democrats talk and behave as though there were no urgency. Instead, they just accuse Rep. Paul Ryan of robbing seniors of Medicare. But the facts are that his plan would preserve benefits for those who are 55 or older and phase in benefit reductions for others. If we fail to restructure the system, we’ll all end up — within a generation — not only without Medicare benefits but also with a fallen nation.

Nor are entitlements our only problem. Our annual budget deficits are also gargantuan, and the administration evidences no interest in getting them under control. President Obama not only has stubbornly refused to be serious about discretionary spending cuts but also continues to pursue failed policies guaranteed to impede economic growth, without which we simply cannot bring our budgets into balance.

For an indication of the bleakness of the economic picture, just look at today’s news-delivered gut punches. This week’s jobless claims of 429,000 are even worse than last week’s dismal numbers, making it 11 weeks in a row that we’ve been above 400,000, the number economists associate with a stable labor market. Under President George W. Bush, Democrats complained that 4.7 percent unemployment was dreadful. Now their president’s perpetual 9-plus percent is barely remarkable.

According to The Associated Press, new-home sales fell 2.1 percent in May, “to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 319,000,” which is “far below the 700,000 homes per year that economists say must be sold to sustain a healthy housing market.” All the while, the median price for new houses rose. Worst of both worlds.

Now, back to the budget and entitlements. Based on the CBO’s just-released long-term budget report, it is nearly impossible to overstate the gravity of our national financial emergency. On our present course, our national debt is in the process of swallowing whole our economy.

Projections of the nation’s impending doom have worsened: We face destruction if we don’t act, and the crisis is accelerating.

Last year, the CBO predicted our national debt would be 91 percent of gross domestic product in 2021. Now, just a year later, it is projected to be 101 percent in 2021.

It gets worse. The debt is forecasted to be 150 percent of GDP by 2030 and 200 percent by 2037. And, if you can even imagine this, it will proliferate more rapidly thereafter. On our present course, by 2035, federal interest payments will be 9 percent of our entire economy, compared with 1 percent today.

Adding insult to injury, Obamacare, which Obama fraudulently sold as an indispensable component of balancing the budget, will greatly drive up health care costs. The CBO says that mandatory federal spending on health care will increase by 86 percent, from 5.6 percent of GDP presently to 10.4 percent over the next 24 years. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Adding aggravation to insult is the recently discovered “glitch” in Obamacare that allows for more than 3 million middle-class Americans to qualify for Medicaid. Can you believe this socialist scandal?

Yet the Democrats’ only action plan is to play the class warfare card and peddle fear about the horrors of not raising the debt ceiling. They demand that Republicans agree to raise the debt ceiling when they won’t agree to implement any budgetary plans to restore fiscal sanity. No wonder the markets are plummeting. Who could possibly have confidence in our financial future under these circumstances?

Meanwhile, President Obama is hiding behind Vice President Joe Biden, who is handling the budget negotiations with congressional Republicans. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, hardly a radical, has backed out of these talks because of an impasse over taxes, and Sen. Jon Kyl is expected to follow suit. Finally! Bravo.

Desperate times, desperate measures. Hardball. No turning back.

If you want happy smoke blown up your ass, I am sure there is plenty of happy weed over at the Huffington Post, Fire Dog Lake or Daily Kooks to keep everyone high and happy.

Michael Moore can also assure you that the government debt is just like us paying off our college loans.

Bottom Line Brass Tacks – Unemployment is up 16% and Federal Debt has increased by 39% since Team Obama took office.  Everything that the administration has tried has gone down like a flaming Lead Zeppelin.

 Blame Bush?  Sure George W. Bush brought some of this on.  If he had gotten on Barney Frank and Chris Dodd collective fat asses Fannie and Freddie would still be solvent and people would be buying houses.  But, this is 2011 and Obama has done nothing to correct George W. Bush’s economic policy shortcomings.


“Binged” Janeane Garofalo Tonight and Here is what I came up with

So, I was wondering what Deep Thinker Moonbat Janeane Garofalo was up to in the last week or so and maybe a post would come out of it.
She didn’t disappoint, she appeared on Blobberman’s show on Current TV (right next to the Doorknob Channel) last night.  Here are some Pearls of Wisdom from the “young” lady.

Garofalo: Tea Party racist, liberal media ‘a myth,’ Justice Thomas suffering Stockholm syndrome 

Garofalo: Conservatives are the Suckiest bunch of Sucks who ever Sucked

From Daily Caller.com

Liberals Rule Tea Baggers Drool

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but comedienne Janeane Garofalo still has a low regard for the Tea
Party movement and all just about all other things conservative.

On Current TV’s Thursday broadcast of “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” during the “Web Extra” segment, Garofalo admitted she wasn’t happy
there were those that despised her for her 2009 remarks declaring the Tea Party “a bunch of teabagging rednecks,” but she stood by them.

“I do not enjoy when people don’t like me,” Garofalo said. “I would prefer to be well like in any and all situations. And I also feel it’s quite unjust to be punished for calling racism ‘racism.’ And I don’t know why so few people, especially back then a couple of years ago were willing to say that word.”

According to Garofalo, a double standard exists for black politicians compared to white politicians.

“If it was a white Democrat, you couldn’t get so many Tea Party people so upset whatever it is they’re upset
about – showing up armed to town hall meetings,” she said. “By the way, if a black person showed up armed at a town hall meeting where a white politician as speaking, it would be on lockdown martial law and we’d never hear the end of it.”

Olbermann agreed and said it is impossible to imagine any other reason other than racism inspiring the Tea Party and any other suggestions like fiscal issues, health care, etc. were just disguises for the racism.

“[I]t is absurd to me – the liberal media trope that has always been a myth that is leveled at someone and unfortunately a lot of people in the media will back away from being perceived as … there is no liberal media bias. There’s never been a liberal president.  There’s never been a liberal machine in power, per se. And you’re quite right – anything that the right-wingers are doing, you will know what they are doing by
what they accuse their opponent of doing.”

Garofalo also indicated she was still hung up on the election of 2000, which former President George W. Bush prevailed over former Vice President Al Gore, after the Supreme Court intervened. But the mention of that SCOTUS decision offered the opportunity for Garofalo to rail against

“Explain that one to me,” she said. “You have an African-American gentleman married to a white woman who is in cahoots with a group that has a lot of racists in it. Is that Stockholm syndrome on his part? What’s going on?”

Olbermann offered his theory which was since the Tea Party will often show they’re diverse movement, the fact that they are offering any defense in itself evidence it is a racist movement, which he offered Thomas’ marriage to Virginia Thomas, a Caucasian female as an example.

“Something that does give me pause is –now it may be cynically motivated by monetary concerns on her part, she’ll align herself with whomever it seems prudent to be aligned with, it just would seems like Clarence Thomas at some point would have some type of dark knight of
the soul sign and say ‘Wow, I should be insulted by this that my wife is involved with the Tea Party.’”

If you read her bio and history her story is very simple….

her father was staunchly conservative and catholic. He was also an executive of Exxon. Does it really take much to figure her out…..

she is involved in Code Pink, does work for MoveOn.org, supports and works with the Freedom from Religion Foundation

she hates conservative men like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Brian Kilmeade…

 She thinks conservatives are brain damaged.

This little girl has a deep seated, pathological hatred for her Daddy and everything he stood for…..

It’s now playing out in her adult life….

Maybe she was abused??..

Who knows, but vitriol like hers comes from somewhere down deep and dark….

Intellectually she’s a featherweight..

It’s her passion borne of this dark hatred that gets her gigs on TV shows with other Looney Leftists.

Hey Libs: Your ship is sinking and there are no more lifeboats…

The Middle American Revolt

As liberalism collapses, conservative populists are stepping forward

Jeff Kuhner Washington Times

The winds of change are blowing. A political rebellion is brewing. The 2012 Republican presidential nomination is taking place within historic times: the decline and fall of big-government liberalism. President Obama’s attempt to transform America is finally creating a powerful backlash. The Obama presidency lies in rubble; failure has been its defining characteristic. The country is facing an economic crisis. Unemployment is high. Growth is anemic. Gas prices are sky-high. America is choking on its debt. We are bogged down in three failed wars. Mr. Obama’s popularity is plummeting. The liberal regime – once dominant – is tottering.

For months, many GOP voters have not been enthusiastic about the current crop of candidates because none of them seem able to address the dangers confronting America. Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman Jr. – they are conventional Republicans with establishment ideas. The presumptive front-runner is former Gov. Mitt Romney. His support may be wide, but it’s thin. His flip-flops on homosexual marriage and abortion, defense of Romneycare (universal health care in Massachusetts) and watered-down internationalism in foreign affairs make him vulnerable to an insurgent challenger.

Yet, at last, the Republican race is heating up with two rising stars. The dark horse is Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. She clearly won the debate in New Hampshire. Mrs. Bachmann is articulate, telegenic and feisty. She is a populist conservative who champions God, country and family. She is closely aligned with the Tea Party movement, and is serious about slashing deficits and controlling spending. She is a devout Christian, who is staunchly pro-life, pro-family and pro-gun rights. Moreover, Mrs. Bachmann is a nationalist in foreign policy. She opposes the Libyan intervention, rightly demanding that constitutional checks and balances be reimposed upon Mr. Obama’s war-making powers. With the exception of Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, she has the best grasp of one seminal reality: America can no longer afford the welfare-warfare state. The era of nation-building and global democratic revolution is over.

Mrs. Bachmann is more than a Sarah Palin clone. On domestic policy, the Minnesota Republican is more substantive; on foreign policy, she is more serious; and most importantly, she has much lower negative ratings – especially among independents. Mrs. Palin (should she run) may be able to win the GOP nomination. The presidency, however, is a bridge too far. The media will eviscerate her. Outside of her intense base, she is despised and distrusted. She personifies the cheap politics of celebrity. Mrs. Bachmann is the opposite: a relentless enemy of cultural liberalism, who can forge a diverse populist coalition. She appeals to the vast middle of America. Her campaign has the potential to tap into the country’s profound alienation from Washington. And thus, she is surging in the polls.

The other potential major candidate is Texas Gov. Rick Perry. His top aides are signaling that he is clearly thinking about running. If he does, Mr. Perry would skyrocket to the top of the heap, smashing most of his GOP rivals – including Mr. Romney. He is the anti-Romney – an authentic Texan, who has a long record of achievement and proven conservative governance. Mr. Romney talks a good game; Mr. Perry actually plays one. The rap against Mr. Perry is that he looks and sounds too much like former President George W. Bush. He has the same twang and cowboy swagger. After the disastrous Bush years, the country does not want another Texan Republican in the White House, say his critics. Maybe.

Yet, Mr. Perry has one trump card: Texas. Under his leadership, the economy has boomed. As the country remains mired in a deep recession, Texas is growing. It has created more private-sector jobs than any other state. He has reined in public spending, restored fiscal responsibility, removed regulatory red tape, maintained flexible labor markets and stood up to the unions. There is no state income tax. He is a real Reaganite. He has combined pro-growth policies with flinty social conservatism.

Moreover, he is a principled defender of the 10th Amendment. He understands that federalism and states’ rights are not just buzzwords. They have been the key to America’s prosperity and success. The most urgent problem of our day is the expansion of the federal leviathan. It is strangling the economy, burying America under a mountain of debt and sapping the country’s vitality. Power must be devolved back to the states, enabling them to become the laboratories of democracy – as our Founding Fathers intended. On a range of economic and regulatory issues, Mr. Perry has directly challenged Washington’s overreach and incompetence.

Both Mrs. Bachmann and Mr. Perry signify a new development in American politics: the rise of nationalist populism. For decades, liberalism has been ascendant. The New Deal erected an entitlement state and brought to power a liberal ruling class – what the conservative philosopher James Burnham called “the managerial class.” This political and cultural cadre has dominated American life. Government agencies, the permanent bureaucracies, the mainstream media, universities, public schools, Hollywood, the arts, trial lawyers, the Federal Reserve, big banks and large financial institutions – they have all helped to sustain the progressive project of turning America into a rootless social democracy.

For a while, it seemed to work. Peace and prosperity ensured that any ideological assault on liberal hegemony could be contained – and eventually marginalized. Now, however, Mr. Obama’s misrule, combined with the growing economic chaos, threatens the very moral legitimacy of our liberal minders. They can no longer be believed or trusted.

Liberalism is in crisis. And as the regime cracks, insurgent populists are starting to fill the void. Middle America is on the march.

Madame Bachmann is the real deal; intelligent, articulate, STAUNCH supporter of the Constitution and the precepts debated and adopted by our Founding Fathers. Bachmann started the House TEA Party Caucus last July; 51 members…and growing.


Bob Scheiffer catches Nancy Pelosi “Spinning”

On Sunday, June 5 Bob Schieffer of CBS’s “Face the Nation” talked to FORMER stressing FORMER and no longer third in line to be President Praise God Speaker of the House Nancy “San Fran Nan” Pelosi about how she spun the current unemployment picture under President Obama and how she talked about the economy on January 4, 2008 when George W. Bush was President.

BOB SCHIEFFER, HOST, “FACE THE NATION”: You were talking in kind of a different way when unemployment went to five percent under George Bush. What you said then, “Americans are struggling with sky-rocketing energy prices,” gas was only $3 a gallon then. And you said, “This morning’s” — this is January 4, 2008 — “This morning’s job report confirms what most Americans already knew. President Bush’s economic policies have failed our country’s middle class.” I mean, aren’t Republicans entitled to say, you know, if gas was $3 and unemployment was five percent and the president has failed the American people, don’t they have a right to say that this president has failed the American people?

REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., and MINORITY LEADER: Well, if you want to go into the past, we can talk about the past all you want. The public wants to know about the future.   LANDREW, LANDREW PLEASE HELP ME!!! I WILL GET YOU MY PRETTY!!!  DISPATCH THE FLYING MONKEYS!!!  I WON’T BE IGNORED NOW BOB WILL I?  OH, I’M MELTING WHAT A WORLD, WHAT A HORRIBLE WORLD!!!

Rep Pelosi then spun her head around in circles several times, threw up on the table and finally passed out while smoke came out of her ears.

BOB SCHIEFFER, HOST, “FACE THE NATION”: We’ll be right back after this message.

Director, “FACE THE NATION”:  Okay, we’re out.

BOB SCHIEFFER, HOST, “FACE THE NATION”: Could someone please get Ms. Pelosi a glass of water??  I have to change my suit because Nan threw up on it.  DAMN!! Brooks Brothers $1,200, I would have better off interviewing Kathy Griffin or Roseanne Barr-Arnold-Roseanne or whatever she calls herself nowadays.

Blogger’s note:  After the word “future” in Nancy Pelosi’s response, I may have “embellished” the dialogue a little bit by inserting scenes from “The Wizard of Oz”, “Star Trek”, “The Exorcist” and “Fatal Attraction”.  

Blogger’s second note:  If I offended any Liberals out there GOOD!!! That was the point!!!  Because for this one post poking fun at former Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi there are a least millions of malicious, cynical and crass posts written daily about Sarah Palin, Andrew Breitbart and Mitt Romney.

Newsweek Jumps the Shark and tries Parody of Mitt Romney and the Church of Latter-Day Saints

From NewsMax.com

Conservatives Outraged Over Newsweek Cover Mocking Romney, Mormon Faith

Memo to Newsweek editors: Dancing Mormons may be a hit on Broadway but they’re a flop on the cover of a magazine that purports to do serious journalism.

In a move some describe as bizarre and others as insulting to a major American faith community, Newsweek magazine unveiled a cover this week that shows presidential contender Mitt Romney dressed as as a goofy, white-shirted Bible boy kicking up his heels in excitement.

The tragedy is that it mars an otherwise respectable piece of journalism about the former Massachusetts governor — arguably the first Mormon candidate in history with a sure shot at winning the presidency — and the history of his faith.

Though it will be lost on many outside the incestuous circle of East Coast media elites, the photo is a send up of the poster for the Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon,” put together by the creators of the animated show, “South Park.” The musical’s reviews have been considerably more positive than the magazine’s.

The National Review’s Jim Geraghty writes, “The article itself is not that bad, covering a lot of ground about the history of the faith and the values of the modern community. But obviously they had to feature the cover that makes the GOP frontrunner look like a lunatic.”

NewsBuster’s Noel Sheppard asked whether it is “appropriate to be focusing on a presidential candidate’s religion in 2011,” and noted that Real Clear Politics’ Tom Bevan tweeted, “This leaves me dumbfounded.

There is no word yet from the Romney camp on the cover. However, he is not the first candidate to get a less-than-respectable treatment on a magazine cover and certainly won’t be the last.

Back in 2000, The Nation took heat for its cover drawing that depicted George W. Bush as Mad magazine’s idiot mascot Alfred E. Neuman. A 2008 satirical New Yorker cover that showed Barack Obama dressed as a Muslim and Michelle as a militant armed with a rifle while the American flag burned in the Oval Office fireplace was criticized by both the Obama campaign and that of John McCain. Newsweek also was criticized for a cover photo of Sarah Palin in 2009 that showed her in running shorts.

Separate from the cover, the Newsweek article is a mostly positive look at Mormon’s and their religion, formally known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The subhead for the story reads: “They’ve conquered Broadway, talk radio, the U.S. Senate-and they may win the White House. Why Mitt Romney and 6 million Mormons have the secret to success.”

The article takes a look at the church’s 181 years of history and its growth to the fourth-largest religious denomination in America and concludes the religious breeds success in business, politics and the arts.
In an interview with the Deseret News, active Mormon McKay Coppins, who co-authored the Newsweek piece, said, “Don’t judge the story by its cover alone. I think members of the church will find that the package treats Mormonism fairly.”

“Indeed, the article – which offers a secular defense of Mormonism – reads like a sales pitch for the faith,” the Deseret News concluded.
Of course, magazine covers are supposed to sell the magazine and the right cover, with the right celebrity or image, can boost newsstand sales by the thousands and create a buzz, two things Newsweek could use.

The Washington Post, faced with circulation declines in the millions and operating losses at the magazine, sold Newsweek for the reported price of a dollar a year ago. It has since merged with the website The Daily Beast, whose editor, Tina Brown, runs both.

My first question is, Is Newsweek attempting to become the “Daily Onion” as a last breath effort to stay afloat?

Second question, If Mitt Romney were a Muslim, a Catholic or a Jew would Newsweek have done the cover?

Answer to the first question is I think Newsweek will do anything to keep going.  They were sold for $1 and they are still in danger of going the way of “Rosie” and “George” Magazines.  This week its parody, next week its Cell Phone Photos of breasts from desperate young actresses looking to get their name and photo in print.

Answer to the second question is no because they would either have death threats issued or sued into the 23rd century by these groups.  Mormons and Christians are considered lilywhite and meek so nothing will happen when you make fun of these groups whether it is a magazine cover, soaking a crucifix in urine and call it art or making a wax figure of Jesus to look like Samuel L. Jackson.

A candidate’s religion should not matter anymore than the pigment of his or her skin. Their ideology and experience are what should be taken into consideration.

As a rule, leftists exploit race, religion and everything else while crying racism, Islamophobia, sexism, etc whenever conservatives criticize the actions of liberals. They have cornered the market on hypocrisy.

I believe Romney is a good man. From what I’ve seen of Mormons, they are a credit to our nation. I wish more had their ethics, patriotism and morals.

There is a fear with the left and the Evangelicals that the election of Romney will lead to “The United States of the Latter-Day Saints.”  This is extremely unlikely since Mitt Romney has never come out and said he was a Mormon.  Therefore of Romney I find no evidence that his aim is to indoctrinate the people of the United States into the Mormon faith.  This is a very weak and pathetic argument designed to instill fear.

Personally, I do not support Romney because he has never explained the “Romney Care” fiasco while he was Governor of MA.  Did he support it?  Was he against it?  Did they tie him up, beat him and force him to sign the bill?  Don’t know – never heard the straight story.  He flip-flops on abortion.  Is he for it? Is he against it? Does it depend on the crowd he is speaking to?

Finally, I do not support Romney because he is a big-government moderate RINO and we have enough of those. We need a conservative warrior willing to take on the left, political correctness and the insanity of our out-of-control government!

And, if he winds up being the GOP candidate, I will reluctantly vote for him.  It would be a change toward somewhat more conservative values in the White House.

America is in Deep Shit Debt Folks…

From Bill O’Reilly Talking Points 5/25/2011:

This week in Europe, President Obama will get quite an earful from foreign leaders who believe, as China does, that the USA is in dire trouble because of its massive debt. If America’s economy collapses, the whole world will suffer. But many Americans are not getting that.

The election on Tuesday in upstate New York, where a Democrat won a congressional seat in a heavy Republican district, shows that some voters simply do not understand that Medicare has to be reformed. The winner, Democrat Kathy Hochul, campaigned on not doing anything about the exploding cost of Medicare. Her campaign scared elderly people.

The fact is that the Democratic Party simply will not tell the truth. You cannot sustain entitlements like Medicare and Social Security based on their present form. There is not enough money to do that, no matter how high you raise taxes.

President Bush in 2008 was trying to warn the country, of the increasing debt but many Americans simply wouldn’t listen.

That is the exact same scenario today. We cannot add to the $14 trillion debt. The Democratic Party and President Obama have to stop deficit spending. They have to cut back on entitlements and everything else. Medicare and Social Security have to be reformed or America will suffer like it has never suffered before.

From: treasurydirect.gov:

On the day George W. Bush left office the national debt was $10.6 Trillion, which a hell of a lot of Samolians.

As of today, the national debt is $14.3 Trillion. 
$3.7 Trillion more since Obama has been in Office.

So what America goes Bankrupt big deal, what will happen will I have to use Monopoly Money?

Not only that but:

1) Your life savings could be reduced to nothing almost overnight.
2) Your taxes will skyrocket.
3) Your life could be in danger. If the government goes bankrupt, you’ll have an extremely angry, confused, and frustrated populace that has little faith in its leaders — combined with a horrific economy and a reduced ability of the government to keep order. Under those circumstances, widespread rioting and violent crime seem entirely plausible.
4) Your payments from the government will dramatically decrease or stop altogether. Contrary to what some people believe, Medicare and Social Security are paid out of the same fund that pays for everything else. In other words, if the government goes bankrupt, there is no money set aside to pay for these programs.
5) You will have a dramatically reduced standard of living. If taxes and inflation escalate dramatically, both of which are very likely if we go bankrupt, economic activity will slow to a crawl and we’ll go into a depression.

Other than that everything is fine.  To quote Bobby McFerrin “Don’t Worry Be Happy”.