AG Eric Holder LIES to Congress about when he knew about Operation Fast and Furious

                                                                                             Bombshell: Documents show Attorney General Eric Holder was briefed on Operation Fast and Furious on a regular basis as early as July 5, 2010. Not only do the documents and memos show Holder was briefed, they are addressed directly to him.

Unless Holder thinks 40 weeks, or 10 months is “just a few weeks,” he lied to Congress about when he knew about Operation Fast and Furious. These documents prove Holder knew about the Operation nearly an entire year before he testified before Congress.

 So to get this straight from a Historical Perspective:

 Col. Oliver North, et al, sell guns to Iran to free American hostages, and then funds the Contras in order to thwart the communist invasion in the Western Hemisphere, and the Democrats and media brand them “traitors”.

Richard Nixon attempts to cover up a simple breaking and entering that he had absolutely nothing to do with, and he’s threatened with impeachment and forced to resign.

Obama and Holder sell guns to Mexican drug cartels with the expressed intention that those guns be used to murder lots of people in order to forward their agenda of revoking the US Constitution, and I have yet to hear even a single liberal media outlet even IMPLY they did anything wrong.

 Obama aided the murder of the two border patrol agents. The families are in the process of preparing for a lawsuit against Obama and Eric Holder for wrongful death. Meanwhile the Mexican equivalent of Eric Holder is also preparing their case against America for the death of hundreds of Mexican citizens killed by Obama’s guns. Will Boehner have the backbone to go after this murderous DOJ?

 We need to look at the big picture when evaluating Obama and who is behind him pulling the strings.

1. How does someone become President without the whole country learning what his family background, his grades in school and his drug use become fully known?
2. Why is Europe crashing without the ability of the U.S. to help because we put ourselves in such debt?
3. Soros has been known to manipulate and destroy currencies. Is what is happening to the Euro being expedited by Obama’s policies. Is the dollar next?
4. Is Fast and Furious, an attempt to promote gun control, and the condemnation of combat veterans as terrorists by Homeland Security linked?

These and many other questions should have been answered long ago.

 I really hope Operation Fast and Furious turns out to be Obama’s Watergate scandal. Of course most of the media will not release this information or cover the continuing investigation the way they put Watergate front and center. If Bush were still in office and this happened during his administration it would have been front page every day. This story needs to be trumpeted from every news outlet to make sure everyone is aware of all the facts. Obama and his complicit propaganda machine will continue to sweep this under the rug, transfer and swap people within ATF.


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